Thursday, June 14, 2018

Is Magic Real? Yup, Read Why Here

Is Magic real? Yes, it certainly is and has been around for thousands of years. Everyone is born with the abilities to do magic, but our society doesn't place the importance on it that it once did. This causes people today to wonder... is magic real? We see movies, read books, and watch TV shows today showing wonderful magical feats and want to know if that is what real magic is like. The answer to that is Yes and no. The media gives you an idea of what magic can do, but it's not really accurate. For example, Harry Potter and friends use their wands for all sorts of procedures when in reality a wand is the tool for Air energies and only useful for techniques using air energies. 
What can you do with real magic then? Lots! Here are just a few things that can be accomplished with real magic.
  • Manifest what you want in life
  • Use magical self defense techniques to protect yourself and your sacred space
  • Use divination to see what the future may hold
  • Communicate with higher powers and beings
  • Create spells and rituals
  • Use magical healing techniques
One of the principles we teach by is that students' of magic and shamanism need to experience things for themselves rather than taking anyone's word. With this in mind we'd love you to check out our article "Is Magic Real". There you'll find more topics of what you can do with real magic, some explanations of how magic works and a free magical exercise you can try out for yourself. You can also look at all the other magical articles on our website and our blog to see other things magic can do for you. Consider signing up for our email list and be among the first to receive the latest magical articles. Try out the exercises we give and then it's up to you to decide for yourself – Is Magic Real?

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