Thursday, April 16, 2015

Three Ways to Put Your Best Magical Foot Forward

Here are three ideas for "magical" Wheaties to start your day off right with magic. You'll find these and much more in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What you Want in Life ebook.
1. Pick a card of the day from a deck of Medicine Cards or Angel Cards
2. Go outside and do Day Greetings (and Endings) from the Navajo Beauty Way
3. Hire an angel to solve possible tricky issues in your coming day

Pick a Magical Card
Take a deck of Medicine cards, Angel cards, Tarot cards or any other kind of magical card deck. Spread the cards out and move your output hand over them feeling the energy from them. Find the card that "calls to you" or feels energetically warmer or tingly to you and pick it from the deck. If you don't have your own deck of some type of magical cards, make one yourself. You might make cards with words and concepts like love, peace, joy, gratitude, etc... Or you can use a book or magazine and open it to any page, picking the first word or picture that jumps off the page at you. Your own need and the Universe's clever forms of communicating will help you select exactly what you need to hear. Whatever card, word or image you select will be your theme for the day. If you used a card, look up the meaning of the card and see what guidance, knowledge, or information it has to offer you for the day. Then watch throughout the day for messages from the Universe that correspond to your theme. The Universe is always sending us messages and has assistance waiting for us or something that we can learn. Throughout the day remain conscious of the message or theme and watch for how it applies to your interactions with others, your internal thoughts and patterns and the situations you encounter. This simple ritual done daily helps you to operate from a place of consciousness rather than from mechanical reactions and habits, builds your relationship with the Universe and actively brings magic into your life.

Magically Greet the Day
One part of doing the Navajo Beauty Way is to do Day Greetings. This is a ritual from ancient times that is non-denominational and can create powerful, positive effects in your life. It is a contact ritual that helps you establish a relationship with the Winds of the four directions, Sky Father and Earth Mother. Doing Day Greetings on a daily basis can help you in restoring personal power by the development of trust in your own wisdom gained by personal experience, enhance your creative flow and connection with the environment and the laws and forces of nature, aid you in observing and maintaining harmonious inner states, restore your inner and external balances, and develop a working relationship with higher powers and beings. For directions on how to do Day Greetings (and Day Endings) check out this article.

Hire An Angel
We all run into frustrations, irritations and sticky situations in our daily lives from being stuck in traffic to running late for a meeting. This is when hiring an angel can help us change the situation into one that works out alright, help us avoid going into negative states, and allows us to introduce magic into our situation and day. There are angels to help with literally anything you need help with and they are just waiting to be asked. By helping humans they are able to move to the next level of their evolution, but they can't help until they are asked. Angels also can't go against your will, so be sure that what you are asking for is something you are willing to receive. For example, if you are asking for help getting a job, but in your mind you are repeating negative thoughts about how you can't possibly get the job, the angel will not be able to get past your negative will and certainty that you can't get it. You can however get around this by first asking for an angel to help you stop thinking negative thoughts about getting a job and then ask a second angel to help with getting a job. To bring angels into your life and request their help all you have to do is:

1. Say either out loud or in your mind, "Angel expert in ___ [traffic, travel, in-laws, bosses, etc..], please come to my aid."
2. Pause quietly for a few seconds until you feel a presence.
3. Give specific instructions for what you need or want done and thank the angel.
4. After the situation is over or you have received the help you asked for, thank the angel a second time. It is important to show gratitude in advance and after the fact.

There you have it, three simple ways to get your day off to a good start with magic. Give it a try and see what happens for you once you start introducing magic into your life. Practice daily rituals for several weeks and then stop for a week or two. This may make it even more obvious to you how magical rituals have been at work in your life and magically enhance it.

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