Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Simple Magic Ritual to Help a Suffering Friend

This is one of the great magical rituals we cover in our Everyday Magic Email Course. It is a good magic ritual for when you need to help a friend with magical means. Most of us have experienced times when we see a family member or friend engaging in some type of behavior that is damaging to themselves or others. Talking, begging, persuading, threatening or other similar types of intervention can't deter them from their course and we often find that the more we do to try and steer them from this path the less effective we are. Those of us on a magical path at that point usually look through our magic bag of "tricks" to see if there is something we can do magically to help a friend.

We often encounter the problem in doing this of going against the Rules of the Road (magical rules that govern magical practice). These rules say that unless the person is doing harm to us, we are not allowed to do most kinds of magic on them. We must have their permission to intervene and in most cases such as this we are not going to get that permission. So how do we magically help a friend in a case like this?

These are instances where we can use the Law of Resonance. Here's a simple magic ritual you can do using this Universal Law that will allow you to help a friend and not go against the Rules of the Road.

1. Think about the person, their circumstances and what they are doing that is harmful.
2. Look back through your memory and find a similar action or experience that you have experienced.
3. Hold the memory in present time for a few moments.
4. Let the memory go.

This simple magic ritual allows for a doorway to open that the other person can use to step through the experience without doing additional harm to themselves or others. The memory that you come up with doesn't have to be exactly the same; it just needs to have the same overall effect. For example, let's say your friend is overreacting to being chewed out by his or her boss and has decided to quit his or her job. You've tried reasoning with him or her and are just not getting through. Use your memory to find a time that you overreacted to a situation. Remember the way you felt, the angry words you expressed and how others tried to reason with or talk you out of the action you wanted to take. As you hold the memory in present time for a few moments and then let it go, by the Law of Resonance, your friend will benefit from your experience and may not have to suffer all the damage associated with it.

The next time you want to help a friend in trouble, try this magic ritual and see for yourself if your friend can hear you through Spirit when they can't hear you with their ears.

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