Tuesday, May 11, 2021

10 Simple and Easy Ways to Magically Fix Your Bad Hair Day

Simple, easy, and free. How much more magical could it get? If you are having a bad hair day, the rituals in the free ebook available in our free membership area can help you restore your hairstyle (and your sanity). Get it and lots of special member only magick articles when you take a minute to sign up in our free magickal members only area.

To start out the ebook will acquaint you with the Rules of the Road which are Universal laws that govern magical practice. When you begin a magical practice, these laws will give you the guidelines that need to be followed for a safe and effective magic practice. Then the ebook moves on to give you 10 magical quick fixes for your life. These are all quick, easy to perform rituals and magical operations that can solve a variety of problems that come up in life. From grounding out anger and negativity to releasing pain and getting help from higher beings, this book can give you a lot of magical solutions to everyday issues. Here's one to try out now. 

The Shower Litany
Literally wash away excess Fire energies that present as pain, tension, anxiety or worries with this magical litany done in the shower. 

1. Stand in the shower with the showerhead positioned for the water to hit at the base of your skull and run evenly over the back and front of your body. 

2. Turn on the water keeping the water temperature cool, just below body temperature. Having the water too cold can create tension and too hot won't carry away enough of the excess Fire energy you want to get rid of. 

3. Let the water run over your body and feel your pain or tension moving downwards with the water and being absorbed by it. If you need to use your hands to help push the energy downwards then feel free to do so. 

4. Envision the tension or pain mixing with the water and flowing down the drain as you say this litany aloud with a powerful voice. 
"All the tension, all the strain,
All the pain with excess flame,
Flow with water, down the drain!"
5. Continue standing in the shower and saying the litany until you feel the pain or tension is gone. 

Give the Shower Litany a try. It's just one of the simple magical solutions you'll get in our free 10 Quick Magic Fixes for your Life ebook. Then get the book for yourself and try out all the magical fixes. 

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