Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Magical Gifts You Can Give Yourself This Holiday

 While the holidays have become quite commercial and frenzied in recent years, they still present wonderful opportunities to take time off and give yourself some true gifts. For most of the year, we are at the beck and call of others-work, family, and other obligations.

This holiday, in addition to buying toys and goodies you enjoy, take the time to give yourself some real gifts that will keep giving all the coming year. Here are some ideas to get you started:

REST: Most of us rush through the year from one obligation to another, never quite getting enough solid rest. If you've got a few days off, enjoy the luxury of sleeping in. When you fully rest, you give body and mind time to unwind. Physical and mental problems tend to disappear or resolve themselves.

QUIET: In a world of cell phones, TV, and radio, a day of silence or quiet can be a true gift. Turn off the phone and don't invite in other stimuli such as TV. Sit, rest, take walks. Be quiet inside and out. Even half a day of quiet, without talking, can rejuvenate your spirit.

LET GO: Once you've had a chance to unwind, some old issues or problems that have been subconsciously nagging at you may surface. Take the time to let them go in a simple ceremony. Write them down on a sheet paper, appreciate them for the lessons they bring, then burn them. Cleanse yourself by burning some sage or incense afterward.

CREATE SACRED SPACE: Daily life tends to introduce some junky energies into our living space. Take the time to create some sacred space in every room of your house. Do a regular room cleansing or use a sun candle to create sacred space.

GET IN TOUCH: Most of us spend our days in our minds, working out the thorny problems of daily life. Get back in touch with body and spirit. Invigorate your body by moving and stretching, taking brisk walks, or even taking a luxurious bath. Get back in touch with spirit by reading inspirational materials or listening to wonderful, soothing music. Think less and be more.

START DOWN A MAGICAL PATH: Make a resolution that the coming year is the year you will start inviting magic into your life. Or if you already have a magical practice, recommit to it by resolving to perform an act of magic or daily ritual each and every day. We have ebooksKindle books, or our Everyday Magic Email Course that can help you keep this resolution easily. Or just pick a different article each day from our blog or past newsletter articles to give you ideas of simple magical acts to do daily.

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