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Top 7 Reasons A Magic Spell Fails

After our students master using the 4 Elements and magical tools, they are ready to start Level 3 of the Basic Magic Course which concentrates on the Tarot, spellwork and using simulacra magic. A spell is a psychic or magical operation combining the 4 elements in some way and programming in factors to produce particular results over a certain period of time. A magic spell is a formalized intention designed to achieve a specific goal or affect a specific condition or situation. They are particularly useful when there are complex factors, barriers or obstacles that need a lot of force to overcome. A spell forms an energy matrix that is programmed to build momentum and overcome those obstacles until the goal is manifested. We teach our students to use directors and limiters when creating a magic spell so that the goal is reached safely without breaking any of the magical Rules of the Road. If a spell is not programmed with these safeguards it will take the path of least resistance towards the goal and you may get the end result, but in a way that comes about through things you don't want to happen. For example, if you just ask for a certain amount of money and don't specify that it cause no harm or loss of property or life to any other living being, you may get the amount of money you desire, but possibly it comes through the death of a beloved relative. We often hear stories along these lines or get questions from people wondering why their spell is not working and where they went wrong. For that reason we've compiled a list of the top 7 reasons we see that causes a magic spell to fail. Here's what we came up with.  

1. No directors and limiters – as we pointed out above, having directors and limiters written into a spell programs it in a way that tells it exactly what you do want to happen and what you don't want to happen. It may be that your spell is working, but that you did not put in enough particulars to see the results. For example, say you created a spell to make it rain. But did you specify where you wanted that rain and how much and within what time period. It is probably raining somewhere as a result of your spell, but maybe not where and when you really wanted it to.

2. Unclear directors and limiters – Are your directors and limiters precise and clear and appropriate for the situation? Take a look at them again or maybe have another pair of magical eyes take a look at them. It could be that you are too specific. Remember that your directors should tell what, when, and where but not how the goal is accomplished. The how part is up to the Universe to find. If you are too controlling in your spell there is no room for the Universe to do its part. It could also be that you have not written your verses, or directors and limiters in a concise and understandable way or that you have hidden issues blocking the spell. For example, if you are asking for a particular type of relationship to appear in your life, but you have not done the emotional work to really be ready to handle that type of relationship (ie.- the level of your being attracts the level of your life), then you may be sending out mixed messages.

3. Not enough range in directors and limiters – Look at your directors and limiters to make sure you are leaving enough "wiggle" room for the Universe to realistically manifest the goal. For example, if you say I want to have 1 million dollars within the next hour that is not a realistic goal. A magic spell needs to have the time to gain force and grow.

4. Binding verses or directors and limiters – Rules of the Road say binding is a definite violation of universal magical practice. If you are not following Universal laws then your spell can very likely fizzle out and not be able to attract the energy it needs. 

5. Not using a powerful enough format for what you want the spell to do – A spell can be cast in a variety of ways and you need to choose a way in creating and launching the spell that is in accordance with the amount of energy it will need. You can get some ideas of the obstacles you may encounter by doing a Tarot reading and that can give you information that will help you select an appropriate format. By definition, a chant, litany and even prayers are all spells. These may be appropriate at achieving certain goals, but others may be complex enough that they require a simple single candle spell. On the other hand if you use a simple candle spell when you need a multiple candle spell or a tarot spell, then you may not have enough force in your spell to overcome the obstacles it encounters.

6. Not matching the spell's launch date to the waxing or waning of the moon – When you launch your spell is also an important part of the planning and creating of it. If you are wanting to attract more or increase something, then you will want to launch it during a waxing moon period. On the other hand if you are trying to reduce something, shrink it, or rid yourself of something, you want to launch your spell during a waning moon period. 

7. Not having a good enough relationship with the Universe – The Universe is always ready to help, but as with relationships among people, the better working relationship you have with the Universe through the use of daily rituals, the more likely and more quickly the Universe will step in to help you.

So there you have our 7 top reasons a magic spell may appear to not be working or actually may not be working. If you are ready to move on to learning to do effective and safe spells, then the Basic Magic Level 3 Online course is the one for you.

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