Thursday, March 5, 2015

Magic for When Someone is Being a Donkey's Butt

"Is there really magic for that?" you ask. Absolutely. And who doesn't run into the occasional person acting like the hind end of a donkey? If that's the case, we have magical help for you on our blog. Read this post. If you like what you read, dig deeper and read on. Or visit our articles library, online store, or get one of our magical Kindle ebooks. The possibilities are endless. And just think, you have the person acting like a donkey's butt to thanks for it!

You'll find plenty more magical techniques to use for protection, self-defense and dealing with difficult or angry people. Here's a grounding exercise you can try out to protect yourself from a person who is angry and directing that anger towards you or using it to disrupt your space. Grounding pulls excess fire energy from another person or the environment, flows it through your body and pushes it into an electrical ground. Here's how:
•Find a source for the energy color you want to pull (anger is red-orange) to look at as a reference

•Locate an electrical ground like an outlet, light switch or a sink (uses water pipes running into earth). This is where you will flow the excess fire energy to for it to be safely grounded.

•Put your output hand (hand you point with) or your foot on the electrical ground if possible. If that is not possible, you can point your output hand toward the electrical ground, but make sure no living thing comes between you and the ground.

•Pull excess fire energies in through your input hand, through your body and out of your output hand into the electrical ground.

•Keep pulling until the anger is gone. This usually takes two minutes or less according to how angry the person is, thus how much excess fire energy they have.

You can use this technique discreetly and the person you are pulling the fire energy from need not be aware that you are doing it. All they know is that the anger subsides in them.

There you have two magic techniques to try out in dealing with difficult people. Want more? Check out the blog and you'll find more of these techniques and magic techniques on many other topics to try out for yourself. It's like having your own magic reference desk open 24/7. Enjoy!

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