Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How Well is Your Magic Spell Working?

Are you ready to get into the magic of spellwork? If so, our Basic Magic Level 3 online course is for you. One of the things we stress in teaching students to create a magic spell, is how to use the precision science of magic to create and launch spells that will be safe and effective. Doing Tarot readings is one of the tools taught in this course that help with that.

How Tarot Readings Help in Spellwork
A spell is a formalized intention, an actual energy form that overcomes obstacles to achieve a stated aim. When designing a magic spell, one of the beginning steps we have our students do is a 12 card Tarot reading on the topic of the spell. For example, if the magic spell was to get a new job, the reading might use the 8 of Discs which is the career card, as a signifier. The information in the reading from upright and reverse flow lines helps in creating the spell as the reverse lines usually show the obstacles that the spell needs to overcome.

After doing this initial Tarot reading on the topic of the spell, we also do another 12 card reading to find out whether the magic spell will work. We use the same signifier as before and put the Magi card on top of and to the right of that signifier. This reading will give you information on whether a spell will be effective in improving the situation. Reversed cards in this reading relate the issues that need to be addressed in the spell or issues that the spell cannot handle and you will need to handle yourself.

These two readings also give you information needed to write the directors and limiters for a safe and effective spell. Once directors and limiters are written for the spell, it is also a good idea to do a 12 card Tarot reading specifically on them. Take a paper that you have written them on, key it, and put it on top of and to the right of the original signifier and the Magi card. Reversed lines in this reading show you the areas where the spell will find trouble or give you information on certain issues that you will need to deal with that are outside the parameters of the magic spell. For this reading, you may want to do progression readings to look further into the future as sometimes spells take time to gather the force needed to overcome obstacles. This reading will also give you information to see if you need to make adjustments to the directors and limiters that you have written. When you make changes to them, do another reading with the newly written version until you get a reading that has little or no reversed cards.

About 2 weeks after your spell has been launched is a good time to do another 12 card Tarot reading to check in with the spell's progress. Use the original topic signifier with the Magi on top and to the right of it. Reversed cards in this reading will indicate any interference the spell is coming up against. This interference could be from yourself or from outside sources. Look at the reverse flow lines in relation to your life and attitudes to see if something within you is causing the interference. This could be old beliefs, doubts, fears or any number of issues inside yourself. Do whatever you need to in order to stop those issues from interfering, wait a few days and do another reading. If you have dealt with those issues, you will see the reversed flow lines cleared up. If the interference is not within you, do a progression reading further into the future to see if the spell can overcome it successfully. As your spell is working, you can do a reading every couple of weeks to check on the progress and see if there are any obstacles that you need to deal with.

Don't worry if this sounds like a lot, it's all covered in the Basic Magic Level 3 course, from Tarot readings to spellwork of various types. Spellwork can be lots of fun and taking the time to do all the checkups will help make your spells safe and effective in getting the results you want. Even better, this week only you can get in on this course at 25% off the regular tuition cost. Just add the course to your shopping cart in our online store, go to checkout and enter the coupon code blogbm3 to register the 25% discount. Magic and savings!

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