Thursday, March 19, 2015

Voodoo Ain't Just About Dolls – How to Key Daily Objects to Create Voodoo Effects

You are probably familiar with the term voodoo doll and may even have some understanding of how one works. But using the magical arts of voodoo magic isn't just about dolls. One part of voodoo magic is using simulacra, such as a voodoo doll, in magical operations. Any objects that can hold an energy signature can be keyed like a voodoo doll and thus used as a simulacrum. A simulacrum is a likeness to something else. An object is keyed to represent a person or thing creating a psychic connection between the two and whatever magic operation you then do to the simulacrum also affects the person or thing. Good objects to use as simulacra include photographs, pictures, dolls, figurines, small models, lists, symbols, Tarot cards and layouts, chess pieces, or other objects made of stone, ceramic, wood or glass. If using a wooden object make sure it is fairly dense wood so that it will easily key. Plastic and rubber items do not make good simulacra as they will not key well.

Keying Simulacra
Keying simulacra is a very simple procedure. For a small object, hold it in your output hand and think about everything you know about the person or thing that you want to key the object to. You are not pulling energy from the person or thing to do this, you are just programming the object to be related to that person or thing. Continue until the object feels heavy, tingly, warm or energetically charged. Once you feel this type of change to the object it is keyed. You now must be very careful with it as whatever you do to the simulacrum will affect the person or thing it is keyed to. Even if you mean no harm, but are neglectful in what happens to the object you can receive backlash if you break Rules of the Road governing magical practice and let harm come to it. If you are doing a magical operation that requires a simulacrum too large to hold in your hand, build an energy ball and flow everything you know about the person or thing into it. Then throw the energy ball at the simulacrum to key it.

Voodoo Magic at Work
Just to give you an idea of how this type of voodoo magic is useful, here's a real life example of its use by one of our past teachers. He was being harassed by another of magical skills using a "watcher". A watcher is created by animating the body of a small insect that has died or by creating an energy matrix that looks like an insect like a fly, wasp or ant. They are useful in that they are able to penetrate protection shields and thus are able to spy or influence another. One downfall of using these is that there is often still a link from the watcher to the sender. Our teacher noticed an unusual looking fly that seemed to be following him around in his house and suspected it was a watcher. Using his magical Chalice, he was able to capture the watcher, deal with it and discover who was behind sending it. Here is the technique of capturing he used.

1. Waiting until the watcher was still, he was able to put his Chalice upside down over it, slide a thin piece of cardboard under the Chalice and turn it over so the Chalice would be upright.

2. He then taped the cardboard to the Chalice, packaged it for shipping, and had it sent on a slow boat to China.

3. Then he watched to see if it had any effect on the person he suspected had sent the watcher or on anyone else around him. If the sender had not disconnected from the watcher before it was captured in the Chalice, then whatever is done to the watcher would show up affecting the sender. The watcher in this case is the simulacrum.

4. He soon began to notice one of the people he suspected had created the watcher began to have nausea and turn green as if he was seasick over the period of several weeks.

Using the Chalice to capture the watcher allowed the teacher to discover the culprit harassing him and turn the tables on him. Needless to say the sender stopped harassing the teacher and sent no more watchers into his sacred space. This is just one simple example of using voodoo or simulacra magic for protection. It can also be used in a multitude of other ways such as for long distance healing, divination, communication, balancing energies and cutting psychic lines. If all this sounds like something you could use, then the How To Do Voodoo ebook is the one for you. Check it out!

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