Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Walking Toward Your Goal

In honor of Goal Magick book finally being released on Kindle, here is a quick sneak peak of the amazing recipe and rituals that you can learn from purchasing our eBook here! Today you will learn about the Walking Meditation ritual. This ritual is perfect for those who find meditation too hard as they feel they can’t sit still in one place for a long time. The Walking Meditation is the perfect way to request help from the appropriate powers and beings, and receive feedback… all in a simple magickal walk.

The Walking Meditation Ritual

Time Required: 15 Minutes


  • At least 15 minutes when you can walk alone, without interruption from other people, cell phones, or other digital media
  • Preferably a quiet nature path, but a good magickal practitioner can gain the benefits of the Walking Litany even on the busiest of streets

Recipe Instructions:

  1. Choose an amount of time you will walk or a distance you will walk. Should be at least the distance of two city blocks. Be prepared to walk at least two city blocks or the equivalent distance on a nature path.
  2. As you begin walking, talk to your totems, guides, angels, the Universe or any higher beings about whatever is on your mind, what you need, or what you want as related to your goal. Specifically, you may wish to inquire as to how your magickal personality type may be causing resistance in the manifestation of your goal. You will do the talking for the first half of the walk. Feel free to speak aloud or ask your questions silently in your mind.
  3. After you have requested all the help and knowledge you wish to have from Higher Powers and Beings, give your thanks beforehand. Angels, totems, and all kinds of higher beings thrive on gratitude as their favorite form of energy exchange.
  4. Halfway through the walk, stop talking and begin listening and watching for signs of feedback from the powers you have been talking to.


After completing this Walking Meditation ritual, make sure to thank the higher beings for their help to show your appreciation and gratitude. Reflect on what you learned and implement your learnings in a helpful way to yourself. If you found this ritual helpful to you in reaching your goals, consider purchasing our Goal Magick eBook from our Kitchen Table Magick Series!

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