Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Tarot: Judgment

In this new era, the world of the 6th Sun, we are being asked to use our own spiritual judgment more than ever. We can no longer rely on authority figures or gurus. We have to look back at our own history and ask ourselves if we are manifesting what we want. If not, what errors are we making over and over again? In what ways are we NOT using our spiritual experience and wisdom? One way to find out how we are doing in this aspect is to use the Tarot and in particular the Judgment card in a Tarot spread or reading. Here's why.

The Judgment card is all about the spirit or you as a spiritual being. It is not about being judged from outside sources. If you wanted to look at that aspect then Justice or in the Crowley deck, Adjustment, would be the cards to use. Judgment relates to the spirit's own judgment as a spiritual being. Think of it as your spirit raising the ghosts of your past and passing judgment on them. In a reading of this type, spirit is accessing its entire life path and judging itself according to its own experiences. It is how you are dealing with your specific conditions as a spiritual being based on your past. This would be the card to use for questions such as:

  • What kind of judgments have I passed on my own past experience?
  • How good is my judgment as a spirit?
  • How much am I paying attention to what I know as a spirit from the past?

If the Judgment card is upright in your reading, it tells you that you are doing well as a spiritual being in integrating past experiences and using good judgment as a spirit. This is not what is according to what outside sources such as man's laws, cultures or social systems say, but rather how your own spirit judges you and your past experiences. When Judgment is being used properly, it is compassion that you can shift, choose, and change. An upright card in your reading can imply that you have a spiritual balance going on and your ability to manifest is very high.

Of course, if you have a reverse Judgment card show up in your reading, then you get good information on what you need to consider changing. The experience of all our lifetimes is there for us to have and use if we ask for it. The Tarot and in particular the Judgment card can help in checking how we are doing in this role and give ideas of how we can do better. If you are interested in learning more about how to do Tarot card readings and what the cards mean then our online Basic Tarot Course can help you get started in this fascinating magical study.

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