Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Shamanic Secret: You Have the Right to Any Information You Want

Here's a little shamanic secret for you. You are entitled to any information you want in the entire Universe. Why is this an important shamanic secret to know? In any situation you are dealing with or anytime you need spiritual guidance you have the right to get any information you need to help you make decisions, make choices, or better understand a situation. You absolutely have the right to get this information, but the second part of this shamanic secret is that what you do with the information falls under the Rules of the Road. Especially in cases where the information concerns other people, these Universal laws that govern magical practice need to be considered so that you stay on the right side of karma and don't get any unwanted backlash.

Putting this shamanic secret to work for you by asking for help and information from Spirit and spiritual beings enhances your relationship with these beings, puts you in touch with your own Spirit which increases the joy and peace in your life. There are a few things to know when working to access this type of spiritual information besides the Rules of the Road. Some of them are:

  • Don't be afraid to ask. You have the right to any information in the Universe. 
  • Be sure to show gratitude to your spirit or guides by thanking them for the assistance before you get the information. 
  • Ask that the information you seek be given to you in a way you will understand easily. 
  • If you don't get the information the first time you ask, thank the source and ask again. It may be that the answer is just in a form you are not understanding. Keep asking until you get the information. 
  • Accept the information you get with gratitude and don't second guess it. 

Over time and with more practice this process will become easier and easier. Knowing this shamanic secret can make life fuller, less difficult and more enjoyable. Find out more ways to access information from the Universe in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook.

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