Thursday, October 6, 2016

Magically Throw a Fit To Enhance Manifestation

Today I would like to share an experience with you all that arose from our advanced student class concerning how to magically throw a fit enhanced their manifestations. Consider that these are magical practitioners who have been consistently living a life of magic and communicating with higher powers and beings anywhere from 10 to 15 years. This group of individuals is adept at spellwork, working with the four elements and any number of magical techniques. Recently however, one student in the class was experiencing difficulties in achieving a certain manifestation she desired. She had done spellwork around the issue, sought guidance from higher powers and beings and engaged in a variety of other magical procedures. She had seen progress towards her manifestation, but it was falling short of what she truly desired. She then asked the question in class of how she could tell the Universe that she has continually honored them and now needed them to perform something for her.

The answer to this question was surprising. When asking for answers from Higher Powers and Beings on what else could be done to resolve a certain problem, the Winds and Old Ones responded that to yell and scream, be violently angry, and make demands would be appropriate. The answer received said, “We are not like you humans, it’s all acceptable energy and equally honorable to us as praise – adulation means nothing to us – all human expression is a joyous note to Creator’s ear as long as it’s honest”. In a nutshell the answer was for her to throw a fit. And so she did. She discovered through this process that a more personal relationship was created with the Old Ones, thus enhancing communication with them and a knowing that they “have my back”. She found that using this new working relationship allowed her to make use of Abraham-like techniques, telling the story of her life as she wants to live it and having the Old Ones there to back her up whatever yarn she chooses to spin. To quote this student, “I’ve tried out wilder and wilder yarns and they are all coming true”.

This led to a discussion in class and to other students trying out the magical throw a fit technique to see the results. The consensus was that as long as all other methods have been tried, yelling and demanding is quite OK with the Old Ones and other higher powers. In fact, our students found out that they not only see it as creating a joyful noise to Creator’s ear, but that they find it down right funny and consider it a form of praise. If you consider that from an energetic point of view, this makes sense. You are creating a high intensity, high energy condition which interprets very much like a crowd cheering at a concert or sports event. This intense energy is then interpreted as a high form of praise; again much like the musician or sports team would interpret it. So in some cases to magically throw a fit is considered as extending a large intense amount of energy towards higher powers and beings which they consider as a method of honoring them. It is also an expression of real and honest emotion and in a true relationship we are allowed to express our more “human” qualities, warts and all so to speak, and are given acceptance for it. Students found that putting out this type of energy came back to them as seeing their desires manifesting with less work on their parts and quicker.  

So the next time you are communicating with higher powers and beings, consider enhancing your relationship with some real honest emotion, give them a chuckle, let loose and go magically throw a fit. See what your results are and how they compare with our advanced students’ results. And if you are ready to get more serious about your magical studies check out all our free resources, online courses, ebooks and Kindle books and pick the format that works for you to dive into the wonderful world of magic.

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