Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How To Control People Without Controlling People

If you've bumped up against the facts of life a few times, you've probably discovered that you can't really control people, places, or things. You may have even discovered that there is a spiritual principle that says you can't control other people. This can be irritating since other people are unpredictable, messy, and certainly don't act the way you want them to, right?

If you're frustrated by the fact that you can't control other people, you'll be pleased to discover that there is a spiritual loophole to that principle. The loophole is that while we can't necessarily control other people, we can control how they show up in our lives.

We can't reach out and create in anyone's life, but we can control many aspects of what appears in our lives. Consider this: everything that comes in contact with you (including other people) is part of your sacred space, and as a Spirit you have the right to control what happens in your sacred space.

The key, then, is to intentionally direct what appears in your sacred space. One of the easiest ways to use your intention is create "future memories." To create future memories, imagine yourself in the future encountering a particular person, especially a person you dread seeing. Now imagine the encounter exactly as you want it to happen.

The more detailed your imagining, the more effect it will have on the actual encounter. How will the person react? What will she say? What will you do? How will you feel? Color your future memory with as much feeling and specific details as possible. If at first your mind wants to imagine the encounter negatively, keep replaying the encounter over and over until you can create the scenario you want.

Then, wait to be surprised at what happens in your next encounter with this person. It might not be exactly as you imagined, but the tone and outcome are likely to match very closely. It's amazingly pleasing when that happens!

So control freaks, start your engines. This is one place you can control people without breaking any universal laws!

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