Thursday, February 21, 2019

How to Train Your Body to Behave

Did you know that you are not your body? You are a Spirit and you "have" or "own" your body. It's yours. It's one of your tools. It is not you.

Have you ever noticed how your body doesn't always seem to obey your wishes? It's often tired or hungry or in pain just when you want to do something really exciting. It sometimes falls asleep during business meetings or after lunch. It often has a hard time waking up. It likes to eat more than is good for your waistline.

Talk to Your Body
But once you realize that you are not your body, you can start to train your body to behave in a way that works for you. All you have to do is talk to your body as if you were talking to another person.

For instance, suppose you're on a long distance driving trip and you notice that your body is starting to fall asleep. No problem. Just say, either out loud or in your mind, "Body wake up!" Say it forcefully. You're telling your body to stay alert, not asking it. You'll notice that you're body will immediately come to attention. You may have to repeat your command a few times to remind body to stay awake.

You can also teach body to develop stamina. Let's say you exercise on a treadmill. To train your body to develop stamina, just tell it what you want at the beginning of the workout. You might tell your body, "Run in a relaxed manner at the pace of the treadmill until I tell you to stop. Breathe easily." Your body will then run easily until you tell it to stop. If, however, you start thinking with your mind about how tired you feel or how much you hate the treadmill, your body will get tired. As long as you keep your mind neutral, your body will easily run for as long as you want.

Program Your Body
If you're interested in losing or gaining weight you can program your body to use food in a specific way. To lose weight, tell body when you want it to get hungry and how much you want it to eat. You can tell your body, "You will not be hungry until noon today." Before you start your meal, you can also tell your body, "Use this food for energy and stamina only. Release all excess calories after this meal and do not store them," or some similar statement.

The point is that your body can be programmed any number of ways to suit your desires and lifestyle. Don't get wrapped up in what your body does or doesn't do now. Focus your attention on training your body to do what you want it to do. As a Spirit with a mind and a body, you are in charge. So take charge and start giving orders!

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  1. can you really program your body to gain and lose weight? in the past year I've gained some weight that for the first time i can't get off and have developed this over indulgence for food, so hopefully this will work.


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