Thursday, November 29, 2012

Psychic Self Defense: How to Use Active and Passive Shields

One of the many techniques magical practitioners have at their disposal in protection magic is the use of active and passive shields. Active shields would be the kind that the practitioner actually constructs. In protection magic these are most effective when made using fire energies. Passive shields are generally objects with symbols that are quite often worn and have been created specifically for protection purposes and keyed to the wearer's energy.

Active Shields
Fire Half Shields – These are shields that you build from fire energy for protection against psychic and energetic attack. They are useful when there is an immediate threat or danger. It is a static shield meaning that it does not move with you and will last for about 30-60 seconds. The more this type of shield is attacked, the stronger it becomes. It is made with the motion that you often see in martial arts by moving one hand in front of you from left to right. If the half shield is made so that it is a concave shield, it will focus and intensify the energy that it sends back. For example, if someone is sending anger your way, a concave shield will intensify the anger into a rage and send it back as more of a rage energy. This can cause the other person to get a headache or in extreme anger situations can cause heart pain. A concave shield should be reserved for serious threats that you need protection magic for. A convex shield is good for scattering sound, psychic or mental blows, for insects and less serious types of threat.

Fire Door Shields – This type of fire shield lasts indefinitely. It uses a technique that creates a shield for a doorway or window area and is keyed to not let whatever you key it against in. So for example, if you have a problem with a certain person coming over and contaminating your space with negative energies, you can put up a fire door shield and key it to keep out anyone who does not have a positive energy or intentions around them. The next time that person shows up and has a negative energy to spread, they won't know why, but they will not feel comfortable about entering your space and will not be able to bring themselves to come in.

Fire Omnils – Omnils are a three-dimensional whirling protective shield. They separate you from time, space and events and can be programmed to deflect certain kinds of energies and experiences. They can also be programmed to pull certain thoughts or influences out of your personal space. Omnils can be made using the Wand with Air energies, but are much stronger and more permanent when made with Fire energy. Omnils can be made with any of the fire energy colors according to the intended purpose. Electric Blue is the color used primarily for protection magic. If you want to maintain or deflect heat, then Bright Red is a good choice and Red or Yellow Orange are useful for attracting attention to yourself. An Electric Blue omnil can be keyed against Electric Blue which will program it to defend against psychic attack. Omnils can be put up around a person or objects for protection. For example, you can put an omnil up around your house or car. Once created, the omnil is then keyed to specifically what you want to protect the person or object from. Unlike Fire Half Shields, omnils are not static and will move with the person or object.

Passive Shields
Passive shields are good for protection magic from all the negative streams of energy that constantly surround us. Active shields are good for specific threats, but are not always practical against the many general negative influences in our everyday environments. You can be influenced even by someone else thinking negative thoughts about you!

Psychic Shields
Wearing a psychic shield is the best way to protect yourself against these types of ongoing negative energies. These shields are generally silver pendants worn on a chain around the neck that are programmed to defend against psychic attack of any kind or degree. If the attack comes from behind you, the shield channels the energy and pulls it harmlessly through you. If the attack comes from in front of you, the shield blocks and scatters the energy. After an attack has been deflected you will see the shield actually look like it has burn or scorch marks on it. If it is a very intense attack, the whole shield and the chain can turn black. It will then need to be polished to clean it up. A psychic shield is keyed to the wearer's energy frequency and will protect you as long as you wear it.

If you find yourself drawn to learning more about protection magic and learning the techniques to create active shields, check out the Basic Magic Online Course or the Magical Self Defense homestudy course. To develop you psychic skills and abilities, take a look at our Psychic Development ebook. The Esoteric School also offers a specially designed psychic Sun Shield and Moon Shield that you can see in our school store. These passive shields come with instructions on how to key them to your own energy.

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  1. Great article, Joel, tks. Wondering about how the shields affect our ability to receive - when you are all shielded it also avoid you to receive from the Universe? Would you mind to put an image in the posts in order to we can pin it?

  2. Good question Andrea. The shields are "keyed" to keep out only those things you want to protect from so there is no problem with interfering on receiving anything you want to receive or keeping your guides and other beneficial spirit helpers away. I will put up an image of our psychic shields if you want to use it you can as it is our own image and not one from an outside source.

  3. Tks, Joel. Will check later to see the images! :)


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