Thursday, November 8, 2012

Magical Aikido for Self Defense: What to Do if Someone Grabs You

Yes magic can be used for self defense, but magicians must study self defense tactics very carefully before using them. Magicians have considerable power and force and using these powers inappropriately opens one to Universal backlash. Once you are sure you are not reacting from anger and are justified in using magic for self defense, there are many different techniques that can be effective.

To Blast or Not to Blast
Basically a good rule to follow in considering the use of magic for self defense is:
"In cases of direct and violent personal harm you are entitled to defend yourself by any means available provided you did nothing to encourage or provoke the attack." In the world of magic here's how this rule is defined further:

Direct - attempts from any outside force that would drain your energy, impose their will upon you or that is an attack on your body, mind or spirit.

Violent - anything that is damaging to your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well being.

Encourage – creating or permitting unnecessary opportunities for a known hostile being to attack you

Provoke – being excessively pushy towards someone that you know has a sore spot or is under a lot of stress internally or externally

By Any Means Available – using any means you choose to defend yourself when attacked. As long as all the other parts of the rule are met, the Universe does not judge your response as excessive or not

One note of caution in using magic for self defense. If you are a beginning practitioner, it is not uncommon to go through a period of increased awareness and sensitivity. During this period it can be easy to misinterpret increased sensitivity as being under attack. It is best to err on the side of caution when choosing a technique to employ and use those that cause lesser harm until you are sure that you are meeting the conditions appropriate for the use of magical self defense.

Lightning Rod
Let's take an example of someone grabbing you. That is an easier one to start with and ascertain whether it is a person grabbing you in fun or whether you are being attacked. This is a situation in which using the Lightning Rod technique is a good one. With this technique you are either boosting your own energy or sending back an attacker's energy to them. This is a technique that can do a lot of damage to someone and even be lethal, so make sure you take it seriously and do not use it unless you are truly being attacked. Here's how.

Send Back Attacker's Energy:
Use your body as a lightning rod to pull and store the attacker's energy, then send it back to them in a single blast to a targeted area.
1. Go limp and do not fight against the person grabbing you. This is so that you do not waste your own force.

2. Pull the attacker's energy into your body as quickly as you can. It will probably be a red-orange colored energy and you won't need to pull very hard since they will be radiating it strongly. This will deplete their energy supply.

3. Store the energy you pull in your body and you can add more energy of your own to it from your own anger, pain or fear if you choose to.

4. Keep pulling the attacker's energy until the attacker relaxes or becomes limp.

5. Flow the energy you have stored into your output hand (hand you point with)

6. Send the energy back to the attacker by tapping one or two fingers of our output hand on their forehead, between their eyes, on the throat or over the heart. while flowing the stored energy out your fingers. If your hands are being restrained in such a way that you can not reach any of theses areas flow it wherever you can. It may not do as much damage, but may stun the attacker or cause enough pain to the attacker that you are able to get away.

Boost Own Energy
If you find you have been attacked in such a way that your own energies have been depleted, you can boost your energy to regain the strength for self defense. Find a source to pull fire energies from. The source could be an angry crowd for example. This crowd would be radiating a lot of fire energy, most likely of a red-orange color. You won't have to see it, you will be able to feel it. Pull the fire energy from the source into your own body and store it without grounding it out. This will give you a boost in energy to be able to employ other self defense techniques or give you the strength to get away if the situation warrants that. Only pull enough to regain your own energy level and then stop. You do not want to pull in more fire energy than you need.

Practice Makes You Ready
Protection magic and self defense tactics don't just come naturally to most people. Just like using martial arts for self defense, the moves have to be practiced before they are actually needed in a self defense situation. Waiting until you are under attack to try out your magical self defense tactics can prove to be very ineffective.

If you are ready to learn about magical self defense tactics, body flows, magical colors of defense, and all the other skills necessary in protection magic, take a look at our Magical Self Defense homestudy course.

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  1. Greetings! Do you some pictures that can show this techniques? Thanks.

    Thai boxing Gatineau

    1. We don't have a video of the lightning rod technique because it is harder to see visually. We do have a video on our site of the Hand Lightning technique that is easier to visually see and is very similar in the storing and using of energy. Go to and look in the video section for Throwing Firebolts at Candles.

  2. Nice Blog ! Nice techniques specially Lightning Rod like it. This type of self defense tactics works great and is very important for girls to learn


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