Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Got Pain? These Two Magical Stones are Real Magic

Pain is something that can be dealt with through a variety of real magic techniques and using magical stones are a good way to ground out pain. These magical stones also work well for anger, frustration and irritation. There are two magical stones in particular that are good for flowing these types of negative energies into as they are capable of holding and channeling away all that stressful energy. Tribal people have been using them for generations for this purpose. Many magical practitioners use crystals for various types of healing work. Crystals however, and in particular quartz crystals, get contaminated easily and need to be magically cleansed quite frequently.

The two stones we recommend for dealing with energies resulting from issues such as pain, anger, and frustration are Apache Tears and Specular Hematite. Apache Tears do not need to go through magical cleansing procedures at all. Specular Hematite does not get as contaminated as crystals, but it does need cleansing at times.

Apache Tears:
Apache Tears are also known as Grandmother's Tears. They are a special form of obsidian made up of feldspar, hornblend, biotite and quartz. Shamanic circles commonly used them to safely transfer negative or unwanted energies into the half worlds. To use this magical stone, hold it in your dominant hand and flow the excess energy into the stone. The stone acts as a portal to the half worlds and none of that energy will come back to you.

Specular Hematite:
Specualar Hematite is another stone that absorbs lots of energy very easily. Hold the stone in your dominant hand and flow energy into it like you did with the Apache Tear. Unlike the Apache Tear, Specular Hematite is not a portal to the half worlds, so you do have to cleanse it of the negative energies it has absorbed regularly by smudging or other magical cleansing techniques such as burying it in the earth for a moon cycle.

Specular Hematite is often easier to find in rock shops and gem stores than Apache Tears. Both make excellent additions to your magical toolkit for pain and stress relief. To learn more ways to bring magical blessings to your life, see our Daily Rituals For Getting What You Want in Life ebook.

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