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Got Magical Questions? We Got Answers!

Whether you want to know how to invite an angel into your life or you want to discover the procedure for finding your animal totem, we have an entire library for you to browse. Want to know if personal gain is really banned in the use of magic? No, silly! Find out why. In addition to our library, check out the blog, our FB page, and our courses and ebooks and Kindle books. You got questions, and we've definitely got answers!

The Big Magical Questions
There are 2 questions we get asked the most. They are:
1. Is Magic Real?
2. What exactly is real magic?

Our answer is that magic is certainly real. It is the science of understanding and using Universal principles. Since everything in the Universe is made up of some mix of the four elements of air, fire, water, and earth, having an in-depth understanding of these elements is at the foundation of magical practice. What makes these elements magical is the understanding of how they operate not just on physical levels, but also on levels of mind and Spirit. For example, physical level Air is what we breathe. Magically, the Air element is the conduit for psychic communication, enlightenment, understanding, dreaming and more. If you want to attract any of these qualities then you need more magical Air. You can take on more of this element directly or by wearing Air colors such as white or sky blue. Understanding these elements and working with them directly allows us to understand, create or change anything we want to in the Universe.

Magic has been taught as a precision science for thousands of years. Being a precision science means that the techniques are verifiable, repeatable and precise. In the past, the art and science of magic was taught just as math or science might have been and anyone can learn magical techniques. Today our society no longer puts the same emphasis on magic and it is not taught or even accepted as commonly as it was in the past. The most exposure we seem to get to magic these days is through fantasy shows, books and movies like Harry Potter. These are great fun and help to bring attention back to the world of magic, but the techniques are not always very accurate. For example, Harry and his friends use their Wands for just about everything. In reality the Wand is the tool that handles Air element energies only. It would actually explode if you tried to throw firebolts or fireballs with it. We're not saying that fireballs and firebolts can't be done. They are actually good for magical self-defense, but are made using Fire element energies and are better done by hand or using the Fire element tool, the Athame.

What Can Real Magic Do?
Real magic can bring tremendous changes to your life. It isn't just learning a list of techniques, but rather developing a lifestyle that includes magical principles and techniques in everything you do. A few of the major things learning real magic will teach you include:
  • Balancing your energies for healing and manifestation
  • Changing old beliefs you have
  • Defending yourself against physical and psychic attack
  • Healing yourself and others
  • Finding hidden information and seeing possible futures
  • Psychically communicating with other beings
  • Creating sacred space
  • Finding lost people and objects
  • Manifesting what you want and need in life
The bottom line on real magic however is up to each individual person. There are people who will not be able to learn and practice magic. For magic to be real you have to be able to suspend disbelief and have a willingness to not exercise contempt prior to investigation. In other words, one must be open to the belief that magic is real in order for the forces of magic to act. If you can suspend disbelief long enough to try magical techniques out for yourself then it can become real for you too. Seeing and experiencing it for yourself is the only way, as it should be, to develop a magical life. Don't take anyone else's word including ours that magic is real. Give it a try for yourself and through direct experience and observation you will be able to "prove" to yourself that magic is indeed real. A simple way to experience magic and your own magical abilities is working with clouds. Clouds respond to your intention and can easily be moved, shaped and manipulated at a great distance away from you. If you could move clouds suspended hundreds of feet above you that would be quite a magical beginning wouldn't you say? Give it a try for yourself by sending a blank email to The directions will be sent to you right away. We don't use your email address to sign you up for anything or pass on to others so you have nothing to lose and just might gain a perspective into magic that will give you reason to want to explore living a magical life for yourself. 

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