Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fall in Love with Magic Once a Week

Is your magical practice getting stale? Getting tired of doing the same old rituals over and over again? No worries, fall in love with your magical practice again.... or if you don't have a magical practice, get started with our Everyday Magic Email Course. Once a week we will send you a magical tip or exercise to explore and play with for the week. These fun and inspiring tips will help rekindle that spirit of magic in your life. What will you learn? Here's a short list of topics...
  • Creating sacred space
  • Contact rituals and communicating with higher powers and beings
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Four element characteristics and colors
  • Personal power and doing Acts of Power
  • Universal Laws for manifestation
  • Making conscious choices
  • Getting rid of pain
  • Regaining control of your life
  • and much, much more.
Here is an example of one of the tips we offer in this course.

Make a Magical Wish
On our spiritual journey through this life we have guides and teachers that open doorways for us, but we are the ones that have to get through the door. That's the real journey for us. When we try using force of will to try to get through the door, we are met with an equal and opposite force called resistance or second force. This is so by Universal Law and means that we cannot do and the more we try to do, the less we accomplish. Here's an example. There is something about yourself that you want to change. Maybe you gossip too much or eat too many sweets. So you decide on an aim of not talking or eating as much. But this usually leads to us talking or eating more actually because by Law of Attraction, that which we put our attention on is drawn to us. So if we are concentrating on NOT doing something that very thing is being attracted to us and manifests in our lives. It's a spiritual catch-22 that leaves us stuck. This is when a magical wish comes in handy. If we wish it with all our hearts then we do not create the resistance that wanting and attempting do. Wishing, holding the vision, creates an allowing force that pushes us through the door. It allows the Universe, angels, and other beings to work in our lives. When we wish, we are settling back within ourselves and feeling the desire we have, then just waiting. It's all about watching and seeing without forcing anything. When you were younger and wished upon a star, you were on the right track for manifestation.
Whether you are wanting to renew your interest in magic or just beginning on a magical path, the Everyday Magic Email course is a great way to spend the next year immersing yourself in magical knowledge and magical techniques to try out.

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