Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What Will Your New Year Bring?

Do you know what the new year will bring for you? Not sure? Itching to know? Then a Tarot reading might be just the thing. The Tarot, as practiced at the Esoteric School, connects the entire Universe to the Tarot deck, in essence shrinking the pertinent factors of the Universe's effect on your life to a manageable size--a reading. Don't know how to throw a Tarot reading? Then give yourself the gift of our Tarot Course this holiday. It's simple, fun, effective, and, best of all, will give you a heads up on what to expect in the coming year.

How Tarot Works
The Tarot is a method of divination that gives you a direct way of obtaining information by psychic or magical means that are not available to the physical five senses. Magical divination can be used to direct our fates. By throwing tarot spreads for various situations in your life and interpreting tarot card meanings, you can discover the influences, energies and probability lines active in your life that pertain to the specific situation. With this information you can see what influences are affecting your situation and know where to make changes to affect the outcomes in your future lines if you want to. This is why the Tarot is such a valuable tool. Since the future is not pre-destined, you can change the future any time before it happens and using tarot spreads gives you the information you need to decide if and what you want to change.

Making the Tarot Personalized
One of the ways we make Tarot readings more precise and more personalized to a particular person is to use a signifier card that represents and is keyed to a specific person or a specific issue, question or situation. Some of the information we use to select a signifier for a person are the Sun sign and the age of the person. There are exceptions to this method of selection, but it is a place to start. Here are the signs that correspond to the suit of card and age that relates to cards.

Sun Sign Signifier Selection Guidelines:
Air (Wands):

Fire (Swords):

Water (Cups):

Earth (Discs):

Age Signifier Selection Guidelines:
Page – Conception to teenager
Knight – Teenager
Queen – Adult female
King – Adult male

Situational Signifiers
Signifier cards can also be selected for situations and conditions. Some examples of signifiers for situations include:

Ace of Discs – money, the economy, body health
Ace of Swords – spirit vitality
Ace of Wands – mental health
Sun – general health (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical)
Justice – legal matters, lawsuits, legislation
Devil – large or long term material contracts, birth vision, spiritual contracts
8 Discs – job, work, business
10 Cups – marriage – emotional, family
4 Wands – marriage – mental
2 Cups – lovers, relationships, intimate emotional or passionate couple relationships
8 Wands – travel by air
3 Discs – career plans
3 Cups – friendships, emotional sharing among friends

As you can tell there is a lot involved in learning the Tarot, but it is a fascinating and fun magical study that can really pay off in giving you a way to take control of your future and your life. What a great gift to give yourself! Make it your New Year's resolution to learn the Tarot this year. It's easy to work into your own time and at your own pace with our online course.

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