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Get Your Magical Practice Back on Track with Basic Magic

Have you let your magical practice fall by the wayside and find yourself getting caught up in everyday life to the point that you don't really put in much time practicing magic? The saying goes, "What you pay into your practice pays you back." That's true. What's also true is that most magical practitioners allow their magical practice to become stale and mechanical at some point or other. So... if you feel like you need a little magical refresher, try our Basic Magic Online Courses. Dig in and get back to basics before the new year so you can start fresh! In Basic Magic you'll get back to seeing everything in relation to the 4 elements, remember how to use the elements in your everyday life and also get a refresher on topics like:
  • using magical tools
  • healing
  • communication with higher powers and beings
  • magical self defense and protection
  • divination
  • spellwork
  • using simulacra magic
  • Tarot
Just to whet your appetite, here is a sample of one of the techniques you'll learn in the Basic Magic Course.

Firebowl Divination
The Firebowl is one of your magical tools that you will learn to construct yourself. If you don't already have a firebowl, you can find instructions on making one HERE. Divination is a way of obtaining information by psychic or magical means that is not readily available to the 5 senses. By using divination, we are able to discover influences, energies and probability lines that are active in our lives so that we can make changes or adjustments and knowingly exert control over our lives. If you don't like what may be coming in the future you can make a small change in the present to change that possible future. Divination can be done through direct or indirect methods. The Firebowl can provide you with a direct method of divination in that it gives you a visual field that the mind can visually project the information you are seeking. Direct divination methods allow psychic or unconscious perceptions to manifest into the 5 senses so we can understand them. Firebowl divination is very useful for finding people, or objects that you don't know where they are or maybe a lost pet and for looking into the past or the future. To use the Firebowl for divination:

1. Find a quiet place where you will not be distracted or interrupted.

2. Sit in the South facing North with your Firebowl in front of you.

3. You will not charge the Firebowl for divination purposes like you do for other purposes and a water incense is the best medium to burn as the Water element is the psychic element.

4. Start your incense burning in the Firebowl and wait until you have a good column of smoke going. Add more incense onto the charcoal disk if you need to in order to get a good column of smoke.

5. Hold an image of a person or object if they are connected to the information you are seeking and/or get very curious about the topic, question, person or object.

6. You can ask questions to increase your feeling of curiosity such as "Where is...?", "Where was I in [name time period]?", or What is likely to happen if I...?".

7. Peer into the column of smoke and look for images or visual clues to form. Some people find it easier to close their eyes when looking into the smoke to keep visual distraction out.

8. If you get an image, but not in enough detail to make sense to you, keep asking questions until it becomes clearer or you can ask the image to zoom in or out, shift left or shift right so that you can see more details in the "picture".

Remember that the future is not set. Divinations into the future tell you what is likely to happen if everything stays the same in the present. That is one of the beauties of divination; being able to look ahead and make changes now if we don't like what we see.

This is just one of the many magical techniques you'll learn in our Basic Magic Course. Give the Firebowl divination a try and let it help you remember how magical life can be when you use your magic training every day. It doesn't matter how long it's been since you practiced magic. It's never too late to get back on board.

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