Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Step Over the Line Sweet Jesus or Universe or ...

"One step over the line sweet Jesus."

This line from the song has always fascinated me because it speaks so eloquently of how little it takes to go from living a crappy mundane life to a magical miraculous life.

The difference is just one step. One itty-bitty step.

It doesn't matter whether you say Jesus or Universe or Great Spirit ... you fill in the blank. The key is that the line between the mundane and the magical is a fine one. It takes just one step to cross that line.

Crossing the Line from the Mundane to the Magical
So how do you step over the line from the everyday ordinary world into the magical world? How do you cross that line? How do you take a magical step?

There are so many possible magical solutions that there is no way to cover them all in one article. The point is this: do magic.

Any sort of magic will help you step over into the magical world. Now here's the really good part:

Any intentional act is a magical act.

Stop and savor the power of that for a moment. ANY intentional act is a magical act. That means that anything you do with intention (or attention) is a magical act. That means that anyone can do magic. There are no muggles. Everyone can do magic.

A magic ritual done with intention is a magical act. A power walk around the neighborhood driven by intention is a magical act. Taking a deep breath on purpose is a magical act. Are you starting to see how easy this can be?

What is an Intentional Act and How is that Magical?
So let's clarify. An intentional act is any act you do on purpose. A very simple act can be an intentional, and hence magical, act. Here's an example of an intentional act.
  1. You look at a pen on your desk.
  2. You decide to pick up the pen right now.
  3. You pick up the pen immediately after you make the decision.
There, you have just done a magical act ... and crossed the line from the ordinary world to the magical world. It's simple.

Of course, the scale of the intentional act dictates the level of its effect. A small intentional act will give you a little magical power boost ... help you step over the line, so to speak. A stronger magical ritual will help you stay over the line. Even more powerful, magic rituals done on a daily basis as part of magical practice will help you live a magical life, even as you move through your ordinary daily activities.

For instance, if you call upon the Spirit of Owl each morning to help you plan your day, you start your day by stepping over the line. Intentionally following the guidance from Owl will help you stay on your magical path all day.

Get directions for communicating with Owl here.

Or if you are feeling blue, doing the Sun Candle ritual for even 5 minutes will shift you from mundane to magical.

Get directions for doing the Sun Candle magic ritual here.

Or, if you choose appropriate daily rituals to match life situations that crop up every day, you will literally be steeped in magic. It just takes one step, sweet Jesus, or Universe, or ...

For more ideas on simple daily magical rituals, check out our ebooks that offer rituals you can do immediately and also teach you how to create your own (at least, the Daily Rituals ebook does):

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