Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Free Magick: Why it is Never Free No Matter Which Way You Slice It

Throughout the fifteen years we have had our magick school, we have tried various ways of offering free magick ... and time and again we have reached the conclusion that there really is no such thing as free magick.

Free Magick: Let Us Count the Ways
Over the years, we've tried various ways of offering free magick.

For instance, we currently offer:
These seem to work fairly well in that people can access magical knowledge for free, and there's no trouble. But then we tried to take the whole concept of "free magick" to the next level and offer it more deeply, and it has always backfired on us. For instance, we have offered:
  • full scholarships for our live weekly teleconference magick courses
  • free live one-time magick tutorials
  • scholarships on our home study courses
Most of these have not produced the intended result, which is to expand magical knowledge and the use of daily magical rituals in the world. Now why is this?

Why Free Magick is Never Truly Free
The reason that free magick is never truly free is because there is always a price to be paid by both parties involved: the people teaching the material and the people learning the material.

Anyone teaching magical material has already paid the price, and continues to pay it. For instance, all of us who teach have already put in the time and effort to learn what we teach. We also continue to deepen our knowledge by taking advanced courses in magick and practicing daily magic rituals.

Anyone who wishes to learn magick must also pay the price, and therein lies the rub. Most who believe they want to learn this material can only see the physical "price tag" attached to the material, whether it be a daily magic rituals ebook or an in-depth teleconference course.

But there is a second price to be paid: the effort that a person pays into his or her own magical practice. While some people can afford the first price, the dollars, they can't or won't pay the second price-the effort.

And that explains why our scholarship recipients have never really done well in our courses. In our experience, a student who cannot pay the physical price of class usually does not have enough "will" or "force" to pay the price of effort required to learn this material. As odd though it may seem, there is a correlation between a person's "will" and his ability to manifest dollars in his life.

Even recently we offered several scholarships to students for our teleconference class, and the results were no different. In fact, they were much worse than ever. One scholarship student never showed up while another one dropped out quickly. This tells me that in this particular period of time, when karmic effects are speeding up, the correlation between a person's willingness to pay into his magical practice with effort and the number of dollars in his bank account is stronger than ever.

That's Why We Don't Teach Free Magick
We get loads of emails all the time asking us why we don't offer free magick. The fact of the matter is two-fold:
  1. We offer tons of free magical resources on our website (see the list above)
  2. No matter how many scholarships we offer, no student who gets a free ride every has the force or will to stay the course
The price for magick must always be paid, in one form or another. Thus, there is no free lunch, free ride, or free magick. For those who want to learn for free, there are few who are willing to spend the effort to browse all the no-cost resources on our website. They want the knowledge handed to them on a silver platter, at no monetary cost and with no effort.

Not gonna happen. It's not in accordance with the tribal magical and shamanic laws and traditions that have been passed on through the eons. So if you want free magick, we wish you the best of luck and we point you to free our online resources.

Dig in, dive in, delve in. Get your magick there at no monetary cost ... all it costs you is your effort, and you may find that the effort is a higher price than any of our classes or home study materials!

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