Thursday, April 29, 2010

Need Just a Wee Bit 'o Magic in Your Life?

Every now and then even the most accomplished magician likes to take a break and have some fun.

I love the magic vials created by CraftyChick101 on Etsy.

Her "Little Bit of Magic" Vial Pendant Necklace is just that: it is filled with little bits of sparkling magic.

Wear this pendant necklace as a talisman or use it as part of a small daily ritual. What you do with it is up to you. It's fun, pretty, and magical. What else could you ask for?

The pendant comes on a thick 17" silver chain, which is perfect since silver is very stable for use in magical rituals.

Visit Etsy to get a good look at this fun wee bit 'o magic ...

Vial Pendant Necklace

Most of all, enjoy your magic ... whether you're dowsing with pendants or doing daily rituals or just plain having fun spreading the magic around!

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Photo credit: CraftyChick101


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