Saturday, November 25, 2023

Does Spirit Senses Magick Actually Work?

Below, we have a customer testimonial about their journey into being more in touch with their Spirit Senses:

One of the things I love the most about Spirit senses Magick is that it starts with the frivolous and ends with the truly magickal. What I mean by this is that when I first started the Basic Magic Course (in which these skills are comprehensively taught), I was a definite ‘doubting Thomas’! I did not believe that magick really worked.

I was doubly doubtful when we started the ‘Come Along’ exercise, in which we were to ask the Universe to ‘show us’ a certain unimportant item, chosen by us for this purpose. That item could be anything from chocolate to a skunk to an actor’s name or a certain word.

First, I wondered if this would even work. And then I wondered what good it would do, even if it did work. So what if I could ask and the Universe would show me a certain word during the day. Could I make money from this? Would my life be happier? How would this really help me?

I really wanted to find out, so I asked my teacher. He smiled and didn’t answer my question directly. He asked me if I had developed a sufficient relationship with the Universe that my requests for ‘come along’ items were reliably honored. I answered that the Universe and I did indeed have a good working relationship. His smile got bigger.

He asked me to list the five biggest questions in my life, questions to which I could not get answers through normal means. He then asked me to pick one item off the list and to apply all of the Spirit sense magickal tools to the question until I received a full and satisfactory answer.

I doubted this would work, but at the time I did have a burning question about a situation in my childhood. With my teacher’s help, I began the process of applying first one and then another Spirit sense magick technique until I began to get a clearer picture of the actual situation from my childhood. I have to say that not only did I get the answers I was seeking, but the process of seeking those answers transformed me from a naysayer to a big fan of magickal Spirit senses. Now I use them every day in all kinds of ways. It’s super fun… and super effective!

~ Robert T., Montpelier, VT

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