Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Are You Gellin'? How Magic Can Help You Start Gellin'

We always crack up when we see those Dr. Scholl's commercials on TV because those people are so mellow and happy - they seem to have everything that we strive to achieve in magic with the help of a little gel insole! If only it were that simple. We get so many emails everyday from people who tell us that they are definitely NOT gellin' and ask us for magical help. So what can you do if you're not gellin'?

Here's what's really happening when we're not gellin' - we're coming under what's called "The Law of Accident." The Law of Accident specifies that unless we specifically create our experience with intention and intentional acts, we're basically little balls bouncing around the giant pinball machine of life at random. That often means we get into fender-benders or arguments, or suddenly face unexpected events and expenses.

One of our clients, Joanna, asked us for some general help because she seemed to be experiencing a lot of "static" in her life. She couldn't really put her finger on anything specific, things just didn't seem to gel. She seemed to have a number of run-ins with her coworkers, her car insurance took an unexpected climb so she couldn't meet all of her bills one month, the lock on her back door broke, several lunch appointments cancelled on her ... a bunch of little events that went wrong with no specific cause. And no amount of magical fixing on her part seemed to work.

We did several Tarot readings on Joanna and discovered that she was suffering from an accumulation of psychic lines from various sources - we didn't exactly know why and didn't feel the need to dig any deeper since we could easily clear it up. We did a long distance clearing and cut all the messy, sticky psychic lines that were attached to her. These lines didn't have anything to do with the many healthy relationships in Joanna's life - just to events and relationships that weren't working. We also had her do some four element cleansing of herself and her personal space. Finally, we had her program and wear a psychic shield of the seven-pointed faery star to keep herself free from any future psychic lines.

The results? We heard from Joanna several months later and she reported feeling "free and light." No more static and she was back to gellin' in life. She describes the change as a change in the "tone" of her life - life as viewed through a sunny kaleidoscope rather than a cloudy one. Everything just works better.

And that's really how it works. We are bombarded by psychic impressions and lines everywhere we go. When someone has an argument in your house, your walls absorb that discordant psychic energy. If you then bump into that wall, you also absorb that energy. That's why it's so important, especially to shamans and magicians, to keep clear sacred space around you. Whether you clear your space with a pendulum, firebowl, meditation, or other ritual, just do it! It will keep you free and clear to attract the things you really want in your life.

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