Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Magic: Practice So You Don't Panic

by Stephanie Yeh

I recently had an experience that showed me why I practice magical techniques any chance I get. One of my horses choked on her food (a chunk of it was stuck in her throat so she could breathe but not swallow). She was panicked, sweating, and running around in small circles. She also had saliva pouring out of her mouth and nose. I suffered a moment of panic myself before all of my magical training kicked in. I took a deep breath and began doing energy handling with the four elements. Specifically I:

1. Pulled red orange and yellow orange fire energy from her entire body to reduce her panic and movement. I dumped all that excess fire energy into a nearby power transformer. She calmed down enough so I could begin to locate the source of the choke.

2. Ran my hand along the bottom of her neck (about an inch away from her neck) until I felt the "hot spot" where the food was stuck in her throat.

3. Began flowing water energy into the area to move the stuck food along. Within about 5 minutes of flowing water energy, she really calmed down and almost went to sleep. I continued this process for another 15 minutes.

Within an hour, my horse was up and grazing calmly as if nothing had happened. I was delighted! It definitely showed how energy could move matter (the stuck food).

Even more important, this experience showed me why I had spent all those hours practicing my magical techniques, such as throwing bolts of fire energy to make a candle flame jump. The repetitive practice allowed me to act without thinking in an emergency situation, and to resolve the potentially life-and-death problem quickly.

That same practice has stood me in good stead when it comes to self-defense. I was once verbally attacked at a picnic by a drunken man on a tirade. He was advancing on me quickly, yelling all sorts of insults. I backed up against a drinking fountain, which makes an excellent electrical ground, and began pulling fire energy, the energy of rage and drunkenness. I didn't have time to think, I just did it.

Luckily angry people radiate fire energy at an immense rate and I was able to pull and ground most of his excess energy. By the time he got within 2 feet of me he had lost steam. He looked confused for a moment, and then wandered off while muttering under his breath. Had I taken the time to think, he might have started in with the physical abuse.

I admit that I used to get very bored and twitchy when it came to the repetitive practice with air, fire, water, and earth energies. The practice seemed so remote from any use that I might eventually have for it that my mind would just wander off to other topics. But events like these really bring it on home for me. Practice, boring though it may be, keeps me from panicking when I need to act quickly. It's a realization I'm supremely grateful for because it keeps the practice of magic real for me. Magic then emerges from the land of strange "out there" stuff and into the practical nitty-gritty of my everyday life. You can get on board with using real magic to help with everyday problems and issues in your life with our Complete Guide of Witchcraft for Beginners.

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