Thursday, July 28, 2016

Got Icky Yucky Stuff in Your Life? Clear Your Life with Magical Fire and the Firebowl

A magical Firebowl is a great tool for using the Fire element and the Air element to clear negative yucky stuff out of your life. The Firebowl can be used to cleanse an area or house with a two element cleansing, cleanse objects and people, or use in meditation to clear out your mind. So no matter where you feel the junky energies are: on you, around you, in your mind..., you can use the magical Firebowl to clear them out.

About the Magical Firebowl
The Firebowl does not need to be keyed like other magical tools do. It keys itself every time you light it. And not all procedures will need a charged Firebowl, but cleansings do. Charging the Firebowl programs it for a specific purpose by stating the intended purpose and programming it into the Firebowl tool. For instructions on making your own Firebowl and charging it click HERE. Or you can find this information and other uses for the Firebowl in our Magical Tool: Firebowl ebook. If you burn yellow and yellow-orange pine, sage, sweet grass, juniper, pinion, or copal in the Firebowl, they will act as natural cleansers when burned even if you don't charge them. These are good incense to burn periodically in your home just to keep junky energies cleared up on a regular basis.

Cleansing Objects With the Magical Firebowl
Besides cleansing an area or your house or apartment, you can use the magical Firebowl to cleanse objects or people. If you thrift shop, garage sale or buy antiques, you may acquire objects that have negative energies attached to them from other people. You also may collect negative energies directed at you in some types of jewelry that you are wearing at the time. You can easily clear these energies with the Firebowl. Just change the charge verse to use the phrase "cleanse these objects". Then hold the object in the smoke from the Firebowl until the smoke clings to the object.

Cleansing People With the Magical Firebowl
You can cleanse yourself or other people using the Firebowl. This is especially useful if someone has a lingering illness or condition that appears to come from mysterious origin or cause, but can be done anytime you feel like you have negative or junky energies weighing you down. Before attending a formal ritual or ceremony is another time to cleanse others and yourself. In cleansing people, use the phrase "Cleanse this person and cleanse his/her space" in the basic charge verse. When cleansing someone else, hold the Firebowl close to the person starting at their feet and let the smoke drift towards them. Some people also use a feather to fan the smoke towards another person or themselves. Begin moving the Firebowl around the other person in a clockwise direction (to the left) making an upward spiral as you circle around them and move up the body. Continue until you go up over the head. As you go past the face, the person can inhale the smoke which cleanses the lining of the throat and lungs which are a continuation of the outer skin.

To use the Firebowl to cleanse yourself:
Place the smoking Firebowl on the floor with enough incense burning to make a lot of smoke. Stand over the Firebowl with one foot on either side of it. Weave slightly back and forth in order for the smoke to go up the front and back of you.

Meditating with the Magical Firebowl
If you find yourself stressed or having a lot of negative thoughts or emotions, you may find meditating with the Firebowl in front of you helpful to clear out those junky thoughts and feelings. You don't need to charge the Firebowl for meditation and the incense you choose to burn will vary according to what you are dealing with. Here are some guidelines:
- Burn air incense for consciousness or mind-oriented meditations
- Burn water incense for emotion, Spirit, or intuition-based meditations
- Burn earth incense for meditations focused on the physical body, daily practicalities or mechanics

Click Here for some guidelines on telling what element an incense is.

That's it, you're all set now to make a Firebowl, choose an incense, charge the Firebowl and start getting all the yucky energies cleared out of your home, your space, yourself and your mind. To learn more about this great magical tool be sure to check out the ebook.

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