Thursday, July 21, 2016

Magically Change Your Life With Future Memories

Ever become stuck when trying to change your life? Most of us have experienced trying to make a change of some sort that we just can’t seem to accomplish. Take for example, my friend who wants to incorporate more exercise into her daily routine. She started learning yoga and did it every day for about a month, then the desire to keep with it just faded away. Next she got an exercise video and set up 3 days and times to follow along which lasted about 3 weeks before it too just faded out. Her next plan revolved around thinking that several smaller time periods of exercise would be more doable, so she set alarms throughout the day to exercise for just 10 minutes at a time. Soon the alarms just got turned off and so did she on this daily ritual. Finally, she read an article saying that taking 2 fifteen minute walks a day would provide the extra exercise she needed and there she went off and running (or walking in this case). Now it may sound to you like my friend is just a flake with no willpower and a touch of laziness. But I can assure you this is very far from the truth. In most things she undertakes, she is able to set a goal and follow the steps to its completion. She just has this one area that time and time again she fails to accomplish her goal even though she really does want to achieve it.

Future Memories
Situations like this are where future memories can help magically change your life. This is one of the many useful techniques you can find in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What you Want in Life ebook. Usually we think of memories as being of the past. Future memories however are about what we will do, will say or will experience in the future. Future memories pave the way for us from the present to our desired future. When you create future memories, add specifics like emotions, thoughts, and actions to make them seem real. The more energy put into the creation of a future memory the more likely they will manifest for us.

Creating Future Memories
Here are steps to take in creating future memories:

1. Sit in a quiet space with body and mind relaxed

2. See in your mind a situation that would cause you to fail your goal

3. Stop yourself in this vision and remember your goal.

4. Let yourself experience and “really feel” how difficult it is to stop the distraction, the craving, or whatever it is that is preventing you from reaching your goal. Feel the emotion involved, recognize the thoughts you are thinking and bring the vision to life by adding as much “texture” to it as you can.

5. Then see yourself in the vision doing an alternate solution; one that will lead you to accomplishing your goal. Include as many of your senses as you can – the feel of objects, smells around you, sounds, etc…

Example of Creating a Future Memory
Here’s how this might work for my friend and her goal to exercise more:

She sits in a quiet place becoming relaxed. She sees a vision of herself in the morning in front of her desk with the list of things to do today on it. She recognizes how she would normally decide she better get started on that list and put off taking a walk until she is finished. In the vision, she notices the color of the paper the To Do List is written on, how smooth the paper feels as she picks it up. She notices the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen and the sound of the egg timer going off in the background. She pays attention to the thought of putting off walking until she gets at least some of the list done and feels the guilt and struggle inside herself caused by this. She then stops herself in the vision and sees herself calling up a friend that lives nearby. She feels the phone in her hand, sees herself punching each of the numbers on the phone, hears the phone ringing and the call being answered. She creates a conversation of asking if the friend would like to come walk with her and the friend agreeing that she’ll be right over. She lets herself experience the feeling of joy, pride and accomplishment of going for the walk. She is aware of the thought that taking a 10 minute walk is not going to affect whether her To Do List gets done or not and that it will more likely give her the energy to get more done.

Spending just 3 minutes a day for several days in a row creating future memories will help you not be as tempted by distractions that keep you from achieving your goal. Future memories become friendly reminders to your future self of how you can avoid pitfalls and of strategies to reach your goal. The more time and energy you put into creating your future memories, the more real they will be and the faster they will manifest into reality. Give some thought to what things keep you “stuck”? What in your life could creating future memories help you accomplish?

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