Thursday, January 7, 2016

Basic Magic: Tribal Traditions for a Modern World

From before the written history of this incarnation of Planet Earth, magick has been taught as a tribal tradition, a dialog of learning. Only in this way is true magick passed from one planetary citizen to another--as a thing alive with power, force, and access to all that is within the Universe and its Laws.

To be sure magick can be learned from books and online courses. Many do so every day through our books, ebooks, and online courses. But true advancement in magick comes from verbal dialog, feedback from others on the same path, and the experience of magick as a tradition full of life, change, and the miraculous.

Magick, Miracles, and the Modern World
For magick to be a thing alive as a powerful force in the world, it must be adaptable to every change in modern society. In a world where the "thumb tribe" texts incessantly, where there is never enough time to slow down and "be"... how and where can magick and the miraculous exist?

Magick has always been a force that exists in the "in between"--in the small cracks and spaces in our lives, flowing silently into our lives when we least expect it, in the small lucid period between wakefulness and sleep.

And so magick and the miraculous easily slip into the "in betweens" in the modern world. Despite all the smart phones and game boxes and inability to "unplug" in today's society, magick always finds a way. Magick still exists as a tribal tradition filled with learning of how to use and play with the miraculous. Magick is still a lively tradition of discussion and experimentation and social dialog. Magick is still an oral tradition, but adapted to the modern world.

In today's world, magick must meet the needs of the digital tribe. Still taught as a tribal tradition, the modern version of this tradition combines high tech with high touch. Magick in the modern world still brings the miraculous down to Earth, and raises our levels of being to higher planes.

Magick as a Living Tradition
Taught as a tribal tradition, magick cannot be fully experienced for the ardent student by books and self-study alone. Thus we have created a modern tribal tradition where magick is a living thing, and the knowledge is transmitted through a mix of online self-study and regular lively dialog and feedback, in the best tribal tradition of oral teaching.

Join the Tribe
How can you learn magick as a living tradition, adapted to modern life? Simple. Join the modern tribe of magick and experience the miraculous for yourself. The modern tribe of practicing magicians is spread across the globe, connected by invisible yet powerful computerized and networked lines. The magickal knowledge lives in the cloud, accessed anytime and anywhere by members of the tribe. The tribe gathers weekly via teleconference to discuss, bounce ideas, exchange experiences, and learn through the oral tradition of teaching.

The Mechanics of the Tribe
To be a member of the tribe is simple. Anyone is welcome into the tribe who agrees to abide by the Rules of the Road, as inspired by our teacher, Reverend George Dew. To become a member of the tribe is simple:
  • Access full multimedia course materials from the 30 week Basic Magic course online
  • Study and learn at your own pace
  • Bring your experiences, questions, ideas, and thirst for magickal knowledge to a weekly teleconference, Skype session, and online chat. It does not matter where you are in the course. Join the teleconferences and/or chats from day one or anytime you wish. Some students will be further along in the course material, while you may be ahead of others in your learning. It does not matter. Sharing amongst the members of the tribe, as guided by oral teachings, enriches everyone.
  • Exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn via the oral tribal tradition from G. Alan Joel, co-founder of the Esoteric School. Alan will guide you through the course material, wherever you are, at whatever step you need help.
  • Access teleconference sessions from the past via recorded audio files posted in the Tribe's cloud storage system
  • Pay US$69 per month to access materials and participate in the chats and teleconference weekly. A minimum commitment of three months is required up front. After that, you may come and go from the Tribe as your life allows, stopping and starting your membership as needed, and simply paying US$69 each month that you are active in the Tribe.

Extra or Customized Help
  • If you need specific help with a specific problem, such as writing and designing a spell beyond the scope of the materials offered online, special services are available for spellwork, Tarot readings, divinations, and other customized help.
  • Most one-on-one work of this kind is offered at the rate of US$90 per hour, but is flexible depending on need, scope of work, etc.

Special Offer
Be among the first 11 members to join the Tribe and receive three months of access to all online materials, teleconferences, and chats for the price of two months (US$138).  You will also receive a free paperback copy of G. Alan Joel's book Witchcraft Spell Book: The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners.

Join the Tribe by Clicking Here to fill out the registration form and then by going HERE to make registration payment.

Be sure to provide your mailing address to receive your paperback book, provide a valid email address, and use the coupon code chfree at checkout to get your first 3 months for the price of 2 months (discount will show up after applying coupon at checkout). After the first 11 members signup the code will no longer work, so signup now. You will then receive an email within 48 hours with instructions on how to access the online portion, teleconference, and chats for the course. Join us by continuing the tribal tradition of magical practice and discover all the wonders real magic can bring to your life.

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