Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spellwork Troubleshooting

So you've launched your spell. You've done everything you can think of. You've done checkup Tarot readings on your Directors and Limiters (what you want your spell to do and not do) as well as on your verses. You have cleansed the area and launched your spell.

Then... nothing. You do a checkup Tarot reading on your spell and you see that it is stalled out. What could have gone wrong? Unfortunately, in the world of spellwork, unless you are using a spell that has already been proven to work under multiple circumstances, a lot of things can go wrong. So we've written a short little troubleshooting guide that might help you out. Check your spellwork against the list and see if any of the items apply to you. If so, don't fret. Many times you just need to relaunch your spell under the right conditions and all will go according to plan!

Spellwork Issue #1: The Moon
As you may know, many spells are tied into the timing of the lunar calendar. The moon is an important part of many types of spellwork, so timing the launching of your spell according to the waxing and waning of the moon is important. Just as the moon affects the tides all around the globe, the moon is often the moving factor behind a spell. The key to working with the moon is simple:

1. If you want your spell to build and grow and become larger, time your spell launch for when the moon is waxing.
2. If you want your spell to diminish a problem or cause an issue to shrink until it disappears, then launch your spell when the moon is waning.

If you plan to launch your spell several times (which is sometimes appropriate), then always relaunch your spell according to the previously given rules.

Spellwork Issue #2: Using the Appropriate Magickal Elements
Depending on whether your spell is meant to work on the level of thoughts and communication, action, emotion, or manifestation, the appropriate use of the four magickal elements is very important. The following list should give you a quick idea of which elements should be included in your spell, from the color of candles you might choose to the sound used in your spell verses. Candle carvings representing the appropriate elements may also come into play, as may the spiritual beings you call upon as you cast your spell:
  • Air: thoughts, communication, planning, speaking, logic, expression, writing
  • Fire: action, movement, kinetic (as opposed to potential) energy, anger, heat, neural energy, blood energy
  • Water: emotions, the language of Spirit, buried traumatic issues from past lifetimes
  • Earth: manifestation, practical ideas, construction, putting physical things together in a way that works
Now that you know which elements are associated with which parts of spellwork, you can review your spell to see whether you included the appropriate focus on elements. This is simply a quick peek at the elements. There is an entire deep art associated with the icons, colors, Tarot cards, sounds (for litanies and chants), and other factors for each element. If you are interested in this type of deep learning, consider our Basic Magic Level 1 course or element short courses and be sure to check out our special course offer at the end of this article.

Spellwork Issue #3: Using the Right Type of Spell
Just as you would not use a garden spade to dig a space for the foundation of a building, you would not use a backhoe to dig a hole in which to plant a small garden flower. Spellwork has the same kind of "scale" issues. If you want to tackle a truly large problem, such as a Bill that is to appear before the U.S. Senate, you will need a backhoe-sized spell to influence such a large issue. This type of spell would most likely be a room-sized Tarot spell cast by an entire group of people. On the other hand, if you want to cast a spell to get a better job, you will need a spell slightly larger than a garden spade, more of a full shovel. This might fall into the category of a Sun Candle spell or a "come along" spell with a keyed plate and magnet. If your spell isn't working, consider whether the spell you cast is of an appropriate scale for the issue you want to tackle.

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