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A Simple Magickal Litany to "Cut the Cord"

If you have something in your life that is really bothering you, you can use the simple magickal litany in this article to "cut the cord" from that problem. Whether you are dealing with a sticky and unhealthy relationship that keeps pulling you in like the tar baby or have difficulty letting go of some compulsive thoughts, this might be just what you need to untangle yourself from the problem.

The beauty of this magickal chant is that it is effective no matter if the problem is within you or is an external person or force. For instance, if you have spent years telling yourself that you are "stupid" and you can't seem to escape the effects of that self-programming, this litany is just what you need.  The directions below are for doing the chant while in a sacred circle. We recommend that you do the chant using the following directions first. Later, if you are still bothered by the problem, you can either repeat the entire process, or you can simply use the litany if you don't have time to do the full procedure.

How to Do the Disconnect Litany
The disconnect litany is a wonderful and simply magickal solution to distance yourself from problems and issues that are particularly chronic in your life. The following instructions will guide you through the full procedure for doing this disconnect litany.

To do the full disconnect litany, you will need:
  • wooden or paper matches
  • a compass to find the four cardinal directions
  • a bright yellow pillar candle (no orange or red undertones)
  • a sage stick, dried so it burns easily, and a plate or bowl to catch the ashes as the stick burns
  • a printed version of the disconnect litany (copy from the following instructions)

Once you have gathered your materials, you are now ready to proceed with the disconnect litany using the following instructions:

1. Using your compass outdoors (compasses do not work accurately indoors), locate the four directions of East, South, West, and North.

2. Move back inside your house and clear an area at least 5 to 10 feet in diameter. Mark the four cardinal directions, either in your mind or with sticky notes on the floor.

3. Gather all your materials and sit in the South facing North, with your materials in front of you.

4. Light the candle with the wooden or paper matches. Wait until the candle has a tall working flame. Then cup your hands around the flame and say aloud in a voice of command:
"Child of Wonder, Child of Flame, Nourish my Spirit, and Protect my Aim!"
Wait a few moments for the energy of the charge verse to fill the space.

5. Light your sage stick from the yellow candle. Once the sage stick is burning, stand up, carrying the burning sage stick over your plate or bowl to catch the ashes. Walk in a clockwise direction around the circle. Allow the sage smoke to create a "perimeter" around the circle. Once you have walked completely around the circle and are back in the South, move to the center of the circle.

6. Place your burning sage stick in the bowl or plate. Bring the rest of your materials and situate yourself so you are facing East with your materials in front of you.

7. Looking outside the circle to the East, "mock up" the person or thing from which you want to disconnect. If that is another person who keeps bringing you back into an unhealthy relationship, mock up that person standing outside the circle. If you want to disconnect from compulsive thoughts, see those thoughts written in neon hanging in the air outside your circle. If you want to break from an unhealthy habit, mock up a version of yourself outside the circle in the act of the unhealthy habit.

8. Once you have a clear and strong mock up, say the following litany in a voice of command:
"I am neither your creature nor your get,
To be ruled by your whim or your let,
I will go my own way by night or by day,
To serve my own purposes yet!"

9. As you say the litany, see the mocked up energy forms outside your circle shrinking and disappearing in a puff of smoke. You may have to repeat the disconnect litany several times before you achieve the full effect.

10. Once you are done, walk around your circle clockwise once more and see if you notice a difference in the energy.

11. During your day, if you feel the reappearance of whatever you disconnected from, repeat the disconnect litany. You can sit inside your car and see the mock up outside your car. Repeat the litany three times.

12. When you have time, repeat the full procedure with the candle and sage stick. Repeat as many times as needed. You will be surprised to notice the change in your life if you are persistent in using the litany.

As you go through your day, remember that you are entitled to your sacred space. Whether it is unwanted thoughts or people invading your space does not matter. You have the right as a planetary citizen to be free of anything unwanted in your sacred space. The disconnect litany is one of the easiest ways to clear your sacred space. Learn more about your rights to protect your sacred space in our Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands Kindle book.

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