Thursday, November 29, 2018

Online Magic Tip: Pay Into Your Practice and Your Practice Will Pay You Back

If life with a little "L" tends to get in your way of taking care of Life with a big "L" then here's an online magic tip for you. It does happen to all of us that we get caught up in all the mundane tasks of living life as physical beings on this planet. Work, kids, household chores, paying bills, shopping and the list goes on of everyday tasks that need to be performed. Sometimes we all get overwhelmed by how much we have to get done and our spiritual and magical practices suffer for it. That's where this online magic tip comes in to help keep our magical practices active and growing. After all, you get out of your magical practice what you put into it. So here's the tip – the Every Magic Email course. It's just what it sounds like, a course of magical offerings that you can include in your life every day that comes straight to your email inbox each week. You get 52 practical, powerful and effective magical techniques for daily living. How's that for an online magic tip!! You just read your email that comes in for the week and incorporate the technique for that week into your life. That way you are sure to be moving forward on your magical path each and every day for a whole year. The best part is that each of these emails contains a practical online magic tip you can use such as controlling stress, seeking guidance from higher powers and beings, and developing your personal power. Just to give you a taste of the types of lessons from this course, here's a sample of one of the easy to use rituals offered.

Letting Go
At times we all need help letting go of preconceived notions, judgments, and old beliefs that no longer serve us. To be able to accept new ideas and beliefs we first have to clear out the old. Water was often used as a cleansing source in tribal times to release the old and bring in the new. One technique to accomplish this was walking in the rain by running water. Old ideas and beliefs were carried away by the running water and fresh new ideas were brought in from above through the rain. If you can find a source of running water and happen to find it raining, you can do this just as it was done in older times by getting out in nature. More than likely though, you don't have the luxury of going for a walk by a running stream at just the time it is raining with your busy schedule, or you live in an area that doesn't get much rain, or live in a city without access to a running river or stream, or are going through drought conditions or have other reasons that don't make this possible for you. In this case you can turn to your shower. Fresh water from above and running water below and chances are you already work a shower into your day. 

Whichever way you choose, as you walk by or stand in the running water, feel your old beliefs, ideas and worries falling away from you and being carried off with the flowing water. As you stand in your water source from above, feel the brightness and refreshment of newness coming to you - new ideas, new will to work, new expressions of creativity and new feelings of all kinds. Taking this time to refresh yourself is a huge relief to your normal daily routines. It can bring us to consciousness by giving us a break from mechanical life and reactions and open the way for magic to enter. Since any act done with intention is an act of magic, this online magic tip gives you a way to incorporate a little magic into something you already do every day that will raise your level of consciousness. And that is Magic!!

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