Thursday, November 8, 2018

Need a Quick Magical Fix? Gotcha Covered!

Life happens... accidents, whoopsies, etc. Luckily for you, the Esoteric School has a no-cost ebook waiting for you along with a special magickal articles library when you register for a free membership. Just go to and click the Learn More button at the top. Sign up for our newsletter while you are there for more magical tips and get the ebook, easy as you please! These magical quick fixes can help you with so many everyday irritations from being stuck in traffic to having a headache to just feeling a little down. They are simple and can start immediately helping you explore how magic and rituals can help you in your everyday life. The only trick is remembering to use these magical tips. We are so used to putting up with our life conditions that often we forget we have choices. Magicians and shamans know this however and look for solutions instead of just staying in the problem. Here is just one example of the type of magic you will find in this complimentary ebook.

Magical Rooting
If you have problems with mood or energy swings or with staying in present time, rooting may be a great ritual for you. Do you worry about what has already happened or what is coming in the future? If so, then you are not living in the present. Rooting helps you ground or anchor yourself to stay in present time, get rid of negative energy and balance your energies.
Follow these directions for rooting:
  • Place your heels, palms or seat (or all three) on the ground. You can extend roots from more than one body part at once.
  • Extend your roots out your palms, heels or the base of your spine. You extend roots with your intention. You don't need to think about it, just do it! 
  • Push your roots through the carpet or tile, into the sub floor and down into the earth. If you are in a multi-level building, you will need to go through each level until you reach the earth. If you are wearing shoes with thick soles, you may have to extend the roots out the sides of your shoes.
  • Once your roots reach the earth keep extending them down through the topsoil and deeper layers until you reach bedrock.
  • When you reach bedrock, lock your roots in.
  • With each exhaling breath send any unwanted energies down your roots into the bedrock. The earth is highly receptive and will receive these energies easily.
  • With each inhaling breath pull in minerals, fluids and other energies from the earth for nourishment and balancing. You don't have to specify what you're pulling up – your body and your roots will work automatically with the earth to pull up what is needed.
  • Once you feel relaxed and nourished pull your roots back up into your body. Always be sure to pull your roots back – if you stand up without doing so you'll feel a slight "popping" sensation and your body will be sore for a few days.
Rooting will make you feel balanced and refreshed and takes only a few minutes to do. It is also an easy technique to do anytime and anywhere with no one else even being aware of what you are doing. No special tools or ingredients needed. So what are you waiting for? Get to and get your copy of the no-cost ebook 10 Quick Magical Fixes to be on your way to using real magic for real change in your life.

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  1. Wow I love all of this I just want you to know how appreciated you are thank you sooo much.💖

    1. Thanks for the kudos and we're so glad you found it helpful.


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