Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Magic 2012: Good Enough is Great

We get a lot of questions about Magic 2012. People want to know what kinds of magic would be appropriate for this very important year, both for the planet and for their personal lives. So here's a very simple answer that we have for all those questions about Magic 2012:

"At whatever level, personal or global or anything in between, do the best you can with what you have and then count it good."

Magic 2012: What's Up with the Opposites?
If you have a regular magic practice, then you have probably realized that things are little hinky this year. On the one hand, some magic spells and rituals are manifesting things in the blink of an eye. Amazing, right? That's the neat and fun side of Magic 2012, especially if you have had a magical practice for quite some time. You're seeing a radical "speeding up" of the results of your magical practice.

And then we have the opposite end of the spectrum. This is where magical rituals start going wonky, there are all kinds of variants of the "inconvenience factor," and magical stuff that used to be simple is running into all kinds of interference. For instance, we recently launched a fairly simple spell to correct what seemed like a very simple and straightforward problem. Days passed and not much happened, so we did a Tarot reading to check up on the progress of the spell.

Can you say Magi reversed? Not to mention a lot of other reversed pairs of cards in our 12-card spread. All of these reversed cards indicated that our spell was running into all kinds of opposition and difficulty. Progressed readings showed that the spell wasn't likely to overcome the "inconvenience factors" that are simply part of 2012.

So on the one hand, we have some great Magic 2012 that is just working amazing miracles, and then we have some Magic 2012 that is running into brick wall after brick wall.

Magic 2012: What to Do About Those Brick Walls
Obviously those daily magical rituals that are working splendidly should be left alone to do their fabulous work, but what about those spells that are hitting a lot resistance?

What we have found works best is the magical principle of "as above, so below." In other words, should your spellwork, which is "exoteric" (meaning something that you have put out or is happening outside you), not be working well as Magic 2012, then the answer is to go inside. Sometimes we are the ones blocking our spells or daily rituals from bringing us what we want. And believe us when we say that we can stand in our own way better than anyone else on the planet! In some cases, innumerable Protection and Wisdom candles won't do squat. Why? Because we live in a free-will Universe, so if we choose to stand in the way of our own launched creations in this year of super-speedy reactions, our magic is going nowhere.

So what not? If "exoteric" magic isn't working, it's time to do a little "esoteric" magic ... that is, magic that is happening inside you. Just as healthcare providers are often told, "Healer, heal thyself," so too are magicians told, "Magicians, work magic on yourself." If you look inside, you will generally find that there is some giant brick wall or resentment inside you that is blocking parts of your magical practice from working.

What kind of brick walls? It could be anything from lack of compassion for self to selfishness to resentments about being jobless ... or resentments about having a job and working too hard. Whatever it is, this IS YOUR LESSON for 2012. And if you look inside it won't take you too long to find that brick wall, that resentment, that icky place that you don't want to acknowledge. Whatever you find, simply be aware of it. Don't try to change it right now. Simply see it and name it. For instance, you might say, "Oh look, that's the part of me that really resents having to work so hard!" Or you might say, "Yup, there's that part of me that really hates being taken for granted!"

Observe that part of yourself the way that a scientist would watch a lab rat. Have that kind of curiosity and objectivity. The more you shed conscious light on these dark parts of your magical soul, you'll find that it starts to change, shift, and eventually fade away. That's that magic of "esoteric Magic 2012." You don't actually "do" anything. You just have to see ... and watch ... and NOT JUDGE. Then the magic happens!

Suddenly, one day, unexpectedly, you will find the spell that's been stuck in park is moving along at the speed of light. Wow, cool!

Magic 2012: What's Up with Good Enough
So the title of this post is about Magic 2012 being good enough, and how good enough is really great. What's that all about?

If you read the literature about 2012, some of which was published as early as the 1970s, you will find that the predictions all point to this year being both wonderful ... and tough. Some predict that as many as 20 million people are going to leave the planet during this year before the "transition" into the Aquarian Age is going to possible. That's a lot of people, and if you are like the average person, you've probably watched people dropping like flies, or transitioning into an alternate reality, as it were.

Should you feel bad about this? Nope, this is a "free will and instant karma" Universe, so everyone gets to make a choice about whether to stay or leave. Those that have left their bodies either don't want to make the transition at all, or don't want to make the transition in their current bodies. Don't worry, most will be back after the transition has been made, somewhere around December 21, 2012.

Even those people who are not leaving their bodies are, for the most part, keeping their head above water. Whether they are struggling with emotions, careers, family, relationships, health, money, or constant chaos, 2012 can be quite challenging for many of us. And that's where the idea of that "good enough is great" comes in. If you can just survive this year, with your three major centers intact (Moving, Emotional, and Intellectual), then you are rockin' awesome. Not just surviving, but thriving. Not just awesome but rockin' awesome.

We know that it feels bad and it feels like the chaos will never end, but it will. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. And rely on daily magical rituals to keep you connected to the parts of Magic 2012 that are working and moving along at the speed of light. We've got tons of resources to help:

Online Magical Article Library
Daily Rituals Ebook
10 Magical Things You Can Do Right Now Email Short Course (no cost)

Sound good? Awesome! Go forth, be magical, and enjoy all that Magic 2012 has to give us!

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  1. I felt a definite resonance in reading this article. So many people I know have transitioned in the past year, ranging from ages 50-96. Colleagues, friends, grandparents, sisters of friends, etc. I have never experienced anything quite like it. And those of us who haven't transitioned feeling as if we're treading water.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience Margaret. It is always good to hear that our observations are validated by the experiences of others.


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