Thursday, August 23, 2012

Magic 2012: Instant Karma Really Does Exist

I have always loved that old Beatles song about instant karma ... especially the part about how instant karma is going to get ya! And the Beatles were right, especially when it comes to practicing Magic 2012 and your path in life.

When we have a magical practice, we have access to far more skills and abilities than the average person. At the same time, the Universe holds us to a higher set of standards than it holds the average Joe. The average Joe doesn't have the skill of premonition and so he can't see what's around the next bend on his path. Magically we say that he lives under the Law of Accident, which means that anything can happen at any time, any place, any way. There is no predictability in the Law of Accident, only a sea of variables.

With a magical practice, we live under the Law of Fate, in which we can use astrology, divination, spellwork, or other magical rituals to look ahead at events in our future. If we see something unwanted, we can make small adjustments in the present, which will create a larger change in the future--a detour around the unwanted event, if you will. With magic, we seek to create constants in our lives that separate us from the sea of "accidental" variables.

But what does all of this have to do with instant karma? It's simple. With magic 2012, instant karma is stronger than ever. Should you practice magic yet not keep your word, be prepared for the Universe to hand out swift and just karma in your life. There has always been karma, but the delay between straying from your path and receiving your karma used to be longer--from months to years.

In 2012, instant karma means seconds, minutes, or hours. As a practitioner, if you give your word and then don't keep it, you automatically fall from the Law of Fate to the Law of Accident. The karma will appear swiftly and will be a strong match to the way you have strayed from your path. That is why these days, if someone acts without fairness or honor, I step back and just let the Universe deal out the karma. I've known what it is like to be on the receiving end of this, and I have also seen it happen to other people. So practitioners of magic 2012, pay attention! Be careful to whom and what you give your word and stick to it, or prepare to pay the karma that is inevitably headed your way!

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