Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is Obesity Actually a Taboo from a Magical Point of View?

This is a very interesting question ... One of our readers asked us to comment on a blog post written by another blogger who finds obesity to be a pagan taboo. Having read through the post, the point is well taken. That is, obesity, like many other diseases that are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, can lead to early death. This blogger's point is that it is a shame to extinguish a "bright" pagan life through an unhealthy lifestyle, thus making obesity a "pagan taboo."

So one of our readers wants to know whether obesity is really a pagan taboo.

Can We Really Comment on the Entire Pagan Community?
Nope, we can't. The Esoteric School is an online magic school teaches the basics of magic and shamanism. We can't comment on the pagan world at large, only what we "know" through our own experiences and observations. This has led to some interesting results. For instance, several Native American tribes/nations have declared "war" on us because we promote the use of the Navajo Beauty Way. So be it. We've also gotten positive comments from some Lakota tribes for spreading the use of the Beauty Way. So there you have it. How we and others practice magic and shamanism is personal, and commentary tends to come from all directions, including left field.

What We Can Say about Magical Practice
At the Esoteric School, we follow The Rules of the Road, which doesn't really say anything about obesity being taboo or not. These rules, created by our own teacher, George Dew (co-founder of the Church of Seven Arrows) have yet to fail us in our use of magic and shamanism, so we follow these rules as a workable guide until proven otherwise.

What The Rules of the Road does say is this:

'The magician judges the "goodness" or "badness" of his or her own acts, whether they are conscious or unconscious acts, on the basis of what the Universe reflects back on him or her. The same is true of judging others, entire communities, states, or nations.'

So how could we interpret that?
  • It could be said that a pagan practitioner who is obese and dies an early death may be experiencing the "goodness" or "badness" of his obese lifestyle. Whether death is a "bad" result of obesity is one interpretation. Death could also be taken as a "good" result if the person sought relief from being incarnate and found bodily existence painful.
  • One could also say that the person had already "learned" everything he wanted to learn from this Earth School and was ready to move onto a new body and a new set of lessons. 
  • Some predict that in 2012, up to 20 million people will leave the planet so that planetary shift predicted during this year can occur. Early death is one way to leave the planet.
What's the Bottom Line?
As unsatisfying as this may be, the answer to the question of whether obesity is a pagan taboo is that it is up to the observer. The second part of the above-quoted Rule is that the Universe reflects back to us the way we judge others. So this blogger is commenting on the sadness of the loss of life from obesity, calling it a pagan taboo. That's a judgment of sorts, but the good news is that we don't have to do anything about it. From our point of view, the Universe delivers instant-karma and there isn't a right answer to anything for all people.

When we read a blog post like the one about obesity being a pagan taboo, our response is something like, "Hmm, wonder how that's working out for him." It may work out great. The blogger may be sounding a "joyous note to Creator's ear" by "saving" people from obesity, and vibrating in emotional harmony with the Universe as he see it. Good for him. It may have some less-than-positive consequences as well. Only he knows what's really going on as a result of the position he's taken on obesity in pagans.

The Universe, especially during 2012, welcomes all manifestations of beingness. The results of those manifestations will also show up faster during this pivotal year than an any preceding year. So we thank the reader who asked us to comment on this. We thank the blogger who wrote the blog for being willing to stand on that square in life. And we continue to follow the Rules of the Road and watch our own manifestations as we proceed day by day. The results are definitely interesting ... sometimes more like a 2'x4' between the eyes from the Universe, and sometimes more like miraculous magic. It's all good, really!

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