Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Magic 2012 - Change Just One Itty-bitty Thing

Magic 2012 is very exciting because magic is literally "in the air"! In other words, a little bit of magic goes a long way during this planetary transition period ... and it happens fast!

Magic 2012 and Little Changes
One of the main principles of spell work is that "a small change in the present leads to a larger change in the future." This principle also applies to the Tarot. And this principle is very helpful in magic 2012.

What does this principle mean to you as a practitioner this year? It means that if you want to use magic to make major changes in your life, you don't have to go for the giant Tarot spell or the big-time magical act.
You just have to make a small change now. In magic 2012, that little change then leads to a much larger change in your near future. In your far future, that change becomes much bigger. In other words, a little magical change today turns into a magical snowball that rolls downhill, gathering speed and size. The magic just keeps getting bigger and faster.

Magic 2012 and Small Daily Changes
If one small magical change in the present makes such a big change in your future, what do you think happens when you make small magical changes every single day?

That means you fashion and set into motion a magical snowball every single day. Can you say "magical avalanche"?
So what are we really talking about here? We are talking about doing daily magical rituals to make the most of magic 2012.

Whether you do the Navajo Beauty Way Exit Ritual multiple times a day, or you choose to do a different magical ritual every day, the magic will happen more and more with each passing day.

You can also use the daily magical rituals to ask for different things each time, or you can simply re-affirm the coming of the same few things each time. That part is the fun creative magical decision that you get to make!

Need help with daily magical rituals?

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