Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Day You Stop Believing is the Day a Little More Magic Dies

It is not unusual for magical practitioners, especially beginners, to lose faith in magic.

Does that sound familiar?

Maybe you cast a magic spell and your life hasn't made the 180 degree turn you were hoping it would make.

Maybe you started practicing meditation but you haven't hit upon enlightenment yet.

Maybe you did practiced some magic rituals and you want life fixed now ... and it hasn't happened yet.

So maybe you start losing faith in magic, miracles, impossible dreams. Maybe you start thinking that ordinary life is all there is, the daily grind, day in and day out.

You know what I say to that?
It's a crying shame the day you lose faith in magic.

Why is Losing Faith a Crying Shame?
Why? Because every time someone (that's you) stops having faith in magic, stops doing daily magic rituals, a little more magic dies in the world. A little magical flame gets blown out. The critical mass of belief that allows magic to exist on this planet shrinks a little more. Magic becomes harder for the other beginners out there to practice.

You know what I say to that?
Don't give up five minutes before the miracle happens.

This happens over and over. Magic happens, always and without fail. But it usually happens when you least expect it. When you're not looking. When you're not waiting for that watched pot to start boiling. Magic lives in the "in betweens" of our lives. It slips in through the cracks. It often happens but goes unrecognized. So instead of giving up on magic and magic rituals, go with the Winston Churchill approach:

"Never give up. Never give up. Never, never, never!"

Want to know why you shouldn't give up on magic? Here's a short list of what magic has accomplished for people, including ourselves, in recent times:

- psychically removed a golf-ball sized tumor from under a horse's jaw
- restored a person's rightful ownership of a family farm
- helped another person receive the financing to buy their dream farm
- brought an unemployed person a new job right before bankruptcy
- healed a person's pimple in 1 hour (hey, little magic counts, too!)
- reunited a person with her long-lost brother (map divination)
- healed a wounded hawk
- doubled one business' cash flow
- helped one woman get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby
- supported a grieving man in finding peace despite apparent injustice

These things have all happened within the last few years ... mostly with the use of spells and magic rituals. You'll notice what is missing from the list. No one has won the lottery. No one has struck it rich overnight. But magic supported the endeavors of each of the people who believed in and used magic, and eventually brought them their heart's desire.

Magic isn't free. There is a price to be paid for everything, be it the effort in creating a magic spell or the perseverance to practice a magic ritual on a daily basis. But magic does work, always. Don't give up ... be one of the flames, the lights, of magic on this planet today.

Don't give up on magic and magic won't give up on you!

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