Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day: A Day of Love and Magic!

Nothing warms the heart like love ... and at no time is love more evident than on Valentine's Day!

Valentine, known as the patron saint of all lovers, has a rich and varied history.

According to some accounts, Valentine was a bishop during the reign of the Roman emperor Claudius II. It turns out that Claudius needed more young soldiers, and thought married men were too attached to their families, thus making poor soldiers.

To solve this problem, he banned all marriages. The bishop Valentine continued to marry young Romans despite this edict. It is believed that Valentine was executed by the Romans on February 14 ... so this day has become one of lovers and Valentine has become the patron saint of these lovers!

Want Some Love and Magic in Your Life?
Valentine's Day is the perfect time to attract love into your life with a little bit of magic. If you love the ornaments of love, then you might want to check out this "Love Spell Vial Necklace," pictured above, from Michele (a.k.a. CraftyChick101):

See the Love Spell Vial Necklace here

This wonderfully whimsical vial is filled with dried Lavender and Yarrow, both of which are known for their abilities to attract love into your life. Whether you want to find your soul mate or just fill your life with love, this vial necklace is a magical yet discreet amulet that keeps love close to your heart!

Love Spells
For those who want to know more about love and love spells, read this blog post on attracting your soul mate without "binding" anyone against their will:

Do Love Spells Work?

Perhaps this Valentine's Day the combination of the Love Spell Vial and a well-crafted spell form the perfect magic ritual to call love into your life!

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Photo credit: CraftyChick101

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