Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Nighttime Blessing Magic Ritual

If you want to bring magic into your home and hearth, one of the best magic rituals for creating harmony within the family is the nighttime blessing ritual. This ritual is done at night, right before bed, with the whole family.

To do the nighttime blessing ritual you will need:

- a chalice (or goblet)
- sea salt

- spring water

How to do the Nighttime Blessing Magic Ritual
The ritual is simple to perform and can be done by any member of the family. Follow these simple steps.

1. Hold the chalice with both hands in front of you. Flow water blue energy from one hand to the other, through the chalice. Do this until the chalice becomes warm or tingly. The chalice is now "keyed" to the person holding it (using the "quick key" method).

2. Add the spring water and sea salt to the chalice, with the chalice half full. Swirl the mixture clockwise.

3. Blow water blue energy into the chalice while swirling the water/salt mixture clockwise. In between each breath, say one line of the verse below:

Water and earth where you are cast, Let no spell nor adverse purpose last. Bless these people and bless their space, Far from here send baneful trace.

Finish by blowing water blue energy into the chalice and swirling the water one last time. Now the chalice is "charged."

4. Hold the chalice in your left hand and face the first person you will be blessing. Dip the index finger of your right hand into the water and draw a vertical line down the center of the person's forehead. The line should be 1 to 1.5 inches long.

5. Dip your finger in the water again, and now draw a horizontal line of the same length from left to right through the center of the first line, forming a cross.

6. Finally, starting at the right end of the horizontal line, draw a clockwise circle, touching both ends of both lines. As you draw the circle, say to the person, "For the peace of your mind."

7. Repeat the same procedure on the person's chest over their heart. As you draw the circle, say, "For the joy of your heart."

8. Ask the person to take a sip of water from the Chalice. As they sip, say, "And for the health of your body."

9. If there are two people participating in the ritual, reverse roles and repeat the process. If there are many people, one person can bless everyone, and then one person in the group blesses the first person. You can also do this blessing magic ritual for yourself.

Enjoy this beautiful and peaceful magical ritual, and watch as it harmonizes the energy in your family!

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