Thursday, January 31, 2019

How-To Psychic Exercises

Every single person on this planet has psychic abilities. There is not a single person who doesn't. The difference between people who are "psychic" and people who are not is often just a matter of practice. Obviously there are people who are naturally more tuned-in to psychic wavelengths than others, but there are also many other psychics who simply practice their abilities with regular "how-to psychic exercises." In other words, you can develop your own psychic abilities with do-it-yourself psychic exercises.

While the idea of do-it-yourself home repair may sound perfectly normal, the idea of how-to psychic exercises may seem strange. But in reality, these psychic exercises are very simple and can be done very easily in public without anyone noticing what you are doing. Here are two how-to psychic exercises to get you started: the perimeter game and the come-along game.

** 1. The Perimeter Game **

As a how-to psychic exercise, this game is a cinch. In this game you basically set up an energetic or psychic perimeter around yourself in a public place. Just close your eyes and imagine an energy circle surrounding you. You then notice, without using your eyes, whenever someone steps inside that perimeter.

To play this game, at least once a day (not while driving) establish a 10' to 20' energetic perimeter around you. Do this in a public place such as a park, restaurant, outdoor café, or bus stop. Closing your eyes, tell yourself to notice when anyone enters your perimeter. When you sense that someone has entered your energetic circle, open your eyes to confirm it. Gradually you may increase the size of your circle. You'll notice that the more you practice this psychic exercise the more sensitive your psychic abilities will be.

** 2. The Come-Along Game **

This how-to psychic exercise is also simple and you just need to take a few minutes at the start of your day to set it up. Once each day make a plan attract an event into your life today. In other words, focus on something and make it "come along" into your life. Choose a word, event, or topic, perhaps a even specific person-either a simple one, such as "cherries," or more complex one like the Berlin Wall or the Beatles. You could also choose a specific song that is rarely heard, such as "Wildwood Flowers" or "On Top of Old Smokey." You can even give the Universe a command such as, "Bring me cherries today." Then see if that topic shows up in your life today. You may come across it in a newspaper or magazine, in overhearing someone else's conversation, or in a movie. Stay open to the possibilities and, as always, thank the Universe when your chosen topic shows up!

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