Thursday, December 27, 2018

Want to Learn Healing Spells? Basic Principles You Should Know

There are healing spells in real magic that can heal anything. When it comes to physical health issues, no matter how chronic or acute a condition is, it can be healed. Before using healing spells there are certain real magic skills that must be learned. One of these is learning how to use the 4 elements for energy healing. Within the realm of energy healing, healing spells or any other types of magical healing techniques, there are several basic healing principles to be aware of.

1. You can heal anything – Any condition can be healed. If you are alive there is always hope and even if you have transitioned out of body, there are after-death treatments to help resolve imbalances that could be carried to future lifetimes.

2. Anyone can be a healer – Healing is a natural and intended process for us all. Those who don't heal more often or more easily just haven't learned to use their natural healing abilities.

3. Healing is about energy – Everything in the Universe is composed of energy and that energy is in a constant state of vibration or movement. In healing work, you need to be able to work with energy. Everything has an electro-magnetic field that gives it an identity. Disharmonious energy causes illness, pain and disease. So a living being who is ill has shifted into an energy state that is not a match for his/her vibrational state. Healing is about adjusting the vibrational state and bringing it back into balance.

4. Healing is about letting go – You can heal anything you can let go of. Most illnesses and diseases manifest because there is some issue, hurt or situation that we are not able to let go of. Energy healing and/or healing spells can help us release the associated emotion so that healing can spontaneously occur, directed by the body's own intelligence.

5. Healing knowledge is carried from lifetime to lifetime – Some people are just natural healers. This indicates that they have spent one or more lifetimes studying the process of healing and have carried it over from past lifetimes. Everything you learn about healing in this lifetime will carry over with you into future lifetimes.

6. Healing is always evolving – Humans are constantly learning and evolving, thus the illnesses and diseases we encounter also shift and evolve. Healing also must evolve with the times and human evolution. Healers must keep learning and growing by expanding their understanding and sensitivity.

Now that you know the basic principles of healing that can be applied to energy healing or healing spells, are you ready to dive into becoming a magical healer? If so, we have our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook with instant healing recipes and techniques. If you are ready to really dive in, then the online Basic Magic course may be right for you. Either way, you can learn to use your natural healing abilities to help yourself and others with real magic.

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