Thursday, May 3, 2018

Ten Truths About Transformation

Are you ready to transform your life? Not sure how to go about it? Check out these 10 Truths about Transformation:

1. Transformation happens when you're not looking for it (translation: wish for transformation and then look somewhere else for a while).

2. Transformation is the result of working with higher powers and beings…we can't do it by ourselves. We need angels, totems, and other helpers.

3. Transformation occurs when you love, esteem, and have compassion for yourself.

4. Transformation can take place only when we actively engage with life, not when we shrink away from it.

5. Transformation doesn't go any faster when we push on it, it goes slower.

6. Transformation can take place only when we accept where we are in the present moment. When we abhor where we are, we can't move forward.

7. Transformation is an abundant part of nature, from the hatching of an egg to the passing of the seasons. We are part of nature, so transformation is a natural part of our process.

8. Transformation is the outer result of our inner spiritual journeys. It cannot occur without spiritual work.

9. Transformation in even one tiny part of our lives affects every part of our lives (so work on one small area first!).

10. Transformation is just life happening and us allowing it to happen. If we enjoy the process, it happens so much more quickly.

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