Thursday, April 27, 2017

How Does Magic Work? Check Out Magic at Work

Real magic does exist and you can do amazing things in your life when you add in magic. We get comments and stories all the time from people that are amazed at the ways they find to use magic in everyday life situations. Here are a couple of stories that have been shared by former students to give you some ideas of how real magic works.

Healing a Hawk
Shortly after I began Magic class, my husband and I were driving down from the mountains back to town. As we drove on the highway, my husband saw a beautiful hawk sitting on a fence post and just as he started to point it out to me, the hawk took off and flew head first at top speed into our windshield. In the rear view mirror, my husband saw him land at the side of the road after being thrown over the top of the car. Our windshield was broken with 3 large crack marks down the middle to attest to the force with which the hawk hit. We just knew he could not have survived the impact, but stopped anyway to see if we could do anything. My husband found him at the side of the road and miraculously he was still alive, but something was terribly wrong with his left wing. It just hung uselessly looking like it was hardly attached anymore. He stumbled along the ground as my husband approached unable to fly away and looking seriously hurt. I then remembered what I had been learning in Magic class and thought it couldn't hurt to try some energy boxes. I first threw him a couple of boxes of sun yellow and then some powder blue air and clear air boxes with various characteristics in them. Suddenly the hawk took off just as I had thrown my last box and we watched him soar, flap and use that wing like nothing had happened. We watched until he had totally flown out of sight and I was sure he would be fine.

The Great Dog Escape
My lesson in "Basic Magic" came to the rescue recently in an adventure I call "The Great Dog Escape". Without magic, New Year's Eve 2001 could have meant Auld Lange Syne for me and Birgit, my Arctic white wolf/Akita cross, and her mate, Bjorn, the Chow Chow mix. Birgit absolutely hates fireworks, so she tunneled out from under the six foot chain link fence (with hot wire) during the festivities of the neighborhood, though I had given her an herbal anxiety remedy. I returned from a potluck to find nothing but a hole under the fence and a tuft of wolf hair.

After searching frantically and calling the dogcatcher, I calmed down and began to use the "water bowl", a technique the "Basic Magic" class had just learned (for finding lost objects and for telepathic communication) the night before the break-out. At first, I saw Birgit's head exploding, which I translated as bad news. Over the next few days, I connected with the dogs and felt their life force, a great relief. Birgit let me know the firework explosions made her crazy in the head. Bjorn "said" he just went along for the ride, but he was now very sorry because he had something stuck between his eyes. Both communicated they didn't know how to get home. I told them we needed a third party to help us, because I didn't know where they were.

Four days after their departure, the two escapees were brought home by the dogcatcher. They had taken refuge in someone's doghouse, where they were found and reported. They came home tired, hungry, thirsty and smelling strongly of skunk. Birgit apologized in dog "body language", though she seemed relieved because I had assured her in the "water bowl" conversations that she wasn't in trouble. And Bjorn had a porcupine quill between his eyes, a real confirmation of the accuracy of the "water bowl" technique.

Using the "water bowl" to contact the dogs kept me from untold grief during the beginning of the New Year, a time I use to envision my goals for the rest of the year. Had I a bit more practice with the technique, I probably could have even found the dogs without the help of the family with the doghouse and the dogcatcher. I plan to board the animals for New Year's Eve next year, but I am practicing the "water bowl" technique in case I ever need to help someone else.

These are just a couple of examples of how magic can work in your life, but the possibilities are endless. For everything from healing to finding your dream job to defending yourself from psychic or physical attack to working on relationships to just about anything you need help with, magic techniques are available. For more stories about real magic see our Magic At Work page. And to get started putting magic at work in your life check out our other blog articles and Magical Articles Library, Facebook page, and get your free copy of 10 Magical Quick Fixes ebook.

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