Thursday, May 4, 2017

Stuck on Your Spiritual Path? No Worries, Try This...

Most of us who have been walking a spiritual path for some time realize that progress along that path is not a smooth ascent. The spiritual path is sometimes smooth, often rocky, and sometimes downright frustrating. The funny thing is, the more frustrated we become about where we are on the spiritual path, the more we learn once we find a way to move forward from that "stuck position."

Why do we get "stuck" on our spiritual path? The answer is easy: We have not yet learned the lesson being offered on that particular spot on the path. Once we learn what is being offered, we will find ourselves moving right along (until, of course, we get stuck again).

The frustration occurs, of course, because we can't learn the lesson being offered if we don't know what we keep missing in the lesson. Instead, we feel like we are playing a frustrating game of Blindman's Bluff. Luckily there is a universal bailout to this particular problem.

A Bailout for Those Stuck on The Spiritual Path
While it would be impossible to design a custom bailout for every person's specific reason for being stuck, there is a very simple generic exercise that will move anyone along the path. This exercise is based on the one thing that all "stuck points" have in common. Every single person stuck on the spiritual path shares one thing in common: he or she has not accepted where they are. Nothing new can enter your experience if you do not first fully accept where you are. New lessons, new experiences, new people... none of these can enter your experience if you still have your nose stuck in all the issues related to your current life situation.

The key to allowing the new to enter your life is to accept the old. The old is where you stand in your life today. No matter what "here" looks like in your life, you must have an attitude of willing acceptance before the new can enter. It does not matter how dire, embarrassing, frustrating, or down right unfair the situation, you must first accept where you are.

Having been a member of 12-step programs for many years, I find this process perhaps easier than most. The reason for such acceptance is due entirely to the way my sponsor reacts to the many catastrophes in my life. Every single time I found myself at the bottom of a very big pit caused by major errors on my part, my sponsor would be thrilled. At first I couldn't figure out why she was thrilled (perhaps she was crazy?). She had to explain to me that my mistakes were mistakes that had been made by tons of people before me, and would be made by tons of people after me. She encouraged me to listen to the stories in the 12-step meetings and look for people who had weathered similar catastrophes. Their success gave me hope. She also encouraged me to share my story in meetings, frequently, in case others were in the same boat or a few steps behind me. My eventual ability to move past a catastrophe might provide the same kind of hope to another who had just committed the very same life mistake.

Of course you don't need to be in a 12-step program to get the same kind of result. In the age of Google, all you have to do is enter your specific life problem. Google will pull up hundreds of entries with stories of people who have managed to get past the very same life mistake. Many of those websites will also offer a wealth of tips and techniques to help you get past your catastrophic life situation.

And, without even knowing it, by reading these stories, and exploring options to help you move past this life experience, you will come to acceptance about your current life experience... often without even realizing it. As soon as you have some degree of acceptance and hope about your current position on your spiritual path, guess what? New experiences, knowledge, feelings, and events will enter your life that will allow you to learn the life lesson that eluded you and kept you stuck for a long period of time. You will then be able to learn the lesson easily, and then move forward once again on your spiritual path.

Pretty Simple, Eh?
This simple bailout uses no magickal tools, no smoke from a big Firebowl burn, and no litanies or chants. And yet this bailout is magickal in and of itself. Magickal knowledge is truly magickal because once you master that knowledge, you will find many more places in your life where that knowledge will prove helpful.

Many people find a great deal of satisfaction in the "doing" of magickal rituals and the use of magickal tools. Many find the use of a bailout such as the one described previously to be boring, tedious, and unmagickal. Well, here's a newsflash: Guess what the most magickal tool of all is in your magickal toolkit? YOU! Without you, the magician and shaman, all the magickal tools in the world are but a collection of odd items that might have been gathered by a squirrel looking to add ornamentation to his winter hideout. Just know that whenever you do a magickal act without the use of tools, litanies, and other forms of ritual, in that moment you are a magickal being who is more powerful than all the other tools available to you. And as you gain strength and power as a magickal being, your use of tools and rituals, which are nothing more than extensions to and amplifiers of your own talents, will become stronger and more forceful as well. So celebrate those instances in which you are able to directly boost your own magickal abilities sans tools, spells, and rituals! Get started on your magickal path by taking online magick courses, studying with ebooks or Kindle books and discover the magick that is YOU!

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