Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Power of Paper in Creating What You Want

Many of you probably had a lot of experience with journaling or writing your goals down on paper. But have you ever thought about why writing is such an effective activity? Why it seems to help you manifest your dreams or get rid of negative thoughts and emotions?

The power of paper lies in the fact that once we write something down, it has moved from our minds onto paper. This is a transition from the non-physical to the physical. Once something is in the physical, it's more tangible and real, and we have an easier time working with it. That's why it's great for either manifestation or releasing negative energies.

Writing something down on paper works for manifestation because it makes your thoughts more real and solid--one step closer to manifestation. Magically speaking, the more physical something is, the closer it is to becoming real in your world. For instance, in the earliest stage of manifestation, there might just be emotion and some vague, subliminal thoughts. Or there might be a single flash of inspiration, which is quickly forgotten.

Next, if the dream or idea takes hold, there will be active thought in conscious mind. This is more solid than the ephemeral dream state. After that, most people talk about the idea to others. This step moves the dream from inside you to the outside world. The idea has been expressed and now moves around in the outer world. Finally, the most permanent step before actual action happens is writing the idea down on paper. What is the power of paper in this process? It creates a physical anchor in the world for your idea. Something written down on paper can last a long time in the physical world, longer than a spoken word. It becomes like an anchor point for the actual manifestation (whether it be a car, relationship, or new job). So if you want to create something in your world, take it through these steps, and finish by writing what you want down on paper. The power of paper will surprise you!

How Paper Can Help Release Negativity
You can also use this same process to dump negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns. It works on the same principle. If something is really bothering you, get it out of mind and Spirit by putting it down on paper. This creates a physical anchor outside of you that those thoughts and emotions can latch onto. Once you're done writing, burn the paper in a fire proof location (like a kitchen sink or in a firebowl). This process gets everything out of you and connects it to a new physical anchor. Burning the paper releases those thoughts and emotions back into the universe, away from you.

Writing things down on paper works because thoughts and emotions are attracted to physical anchors. Normally, our bodies act as a sort of physical anchor for our thoughts and emotions. If we want to move those thoughts and emotions out into the world, for manifestation or release, we have to create another anchor, which is the written word. You'll find lots of other magical solutions to release negativity and manifest what you desire in life in our Witchcraft Spell Book Series.

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