Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Magical World of Ostriches

We've all heard about ostriches, those silly creatures that stick their heads in the sand and believe that if they can't see a predator, the predator can't see them. We giggle at them and make fun of them. Actually, ostriches don't put their heads in the sand, but if they did, it would make a lot of sense magically.

Why? Why does ignoring something that's clearly "there" make sense magically? Because a large part of magic is about the Art of Ignorance. There are a lot of definitions for magic, and one of the clearest definitions of magic is "The art of selective perception." In other words, focusing on only what we want to create with a spell or magical technique, and ignoring the rest. Magicians know that humans are energy beings, or to be more precise, energy vortexes. We constantly go around sucking people and events in our live with our focus and attention. What we focus on comes to us. It's the Law of Attraction.

In magic, when you're working on a spell, you start out with a really large focus and then you narrow it down. First you look at what you want to achieve and assess all the factors that might help or hinder that by doing tarot readings (wide focus). Tarot readings narrow the list down to a few key factors. Next, you design your spell, using candles, invocations, chants, litanies, simulacra or anything else that's pertinent. What you're doing with your spell is formalizing your intention (narrowing your focus) and calling on powers and beings to assist you. Finally, you launch your spell. So what happens when you launch your spell? Your spell goes out into the world as an energy matrix, powered by your intention and the help of the powers and beings you've called in to assist you. The first thing it does is hit resistance because of those factors that you discovered in the tarot reading. Now here's the key. If you were a novice magician and you looked at the situation when your spell hit resistance, you'd panic, right? You'd think to yourself, "The spell isn't working! I've got to do something!" Wrong. A seasoned magician is already prepared for the spell to hit resistance-after all, the tarot reading told you it would. If the spell didn't hit any resistance, you wouldn't need a spell. The experienced magician has designed the spell specifically to handle all the negative factors (resistance) that came up in the tarot reading.

So what does the seasoned magician do at this point? Practice the Art of Ignoring. She sticks her head in the sand and waits until it's all over. She allows the spell to work its miracles by not interfering, and not putting her attention on all the things that could go wrong or thinking negative thoughts about her spell.

All of this, of course, is a long-winded explanation about why ostriches are magically intelligent beings. They have learned the Art of Ignoring. So if you want something in your life to "miraculously" manifest, tell the Universe what you want (you can use plain English) then make like an ostrich and ignore everything until the miracle happens. Miracles are really just processes beyond our understanding. Magicians understand how miracles work (it doesn't mean they aren't impressed anyway) and intentionally create them in their lives. So ostriches aren't so dumb after all; maybe they were human magicians in another lifetime!

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