Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Waiting For Synchronicity

Do you remember the scene in the movie "The Minority Report" where Tom Cruise is escaping with the psychic or "precognitive" and they are being pursued in the mall? In that scene, the psychic keeps telling Tom Cruise to "Wait! Wait...wait...wait." She's telling him to wait for the moment of perfect synchrony, when a man with a huge bunch of balloons will stand in just the right place and hide them from their pursuers. The whole time she's telling him to wait, though, Tom Cruise is anxious and ready to run.

Now doesn't that sound like scenes from our own lives? At least, that's how the Universe would see us as we go about our daily activities. Here's what it sees: we ask the Universe to bring us something and the Universe immediately leaps into action to bring it to us. But rather than simply waiting for that moment of synchrony, when all the factors come together in perfect order, we leap into action and try to "make everything work." If we would just wait for the moment of perfect synchrony, as Tom Cruise did in the movie, we would find that it would come to us – easily, peacefully and without fuss.

In this society, we have an extreme bias for action, productivity and achievement. We believe that we must "do" everything in our lives, so we're always in motion. In fact, it's worse than that. Not only are we in motion almost every waking moment of every day, but we've also planned out our active motion for the coming days, weeks and months. Whether it's work, PTA meetings, hobby-type activities or sports, we are completely booked. Or even if we aren't physically booked at every moment, we're so mentally busy trying to "figure it out" that we might as well be doing something physical!

The result of all of this scheduling and mental gyration is that we don't have any room in our lives for synchronicity. We have literally left not even the smallest crack through which the Universe can squeeze through that which we've asked for – and we wonder why the Universe doesn't deliver!!

Manifestation, contrary to popular belief, is neither a totally active sort of thing nor a totally passive waiting. It is an active anticipation of what's to come, a joyful expectation accompanied by inspired activity. In manifestation, you get a boost of anticipation followed by inspired ideas, followed by joyful activity, followed by yet more anticipation.

It's like walking a winding, hilly trail. When you're at the bottom of a hill, all you can see is the top of the next hill or curve – and you anticipate what you might see at the top. You're so excited by what you might see, that you take action and walk up there. Once there, you see a magnificent view, and also the next phase of the trail. This leads to more anticipation drawing you forward, more action and more pleasure. You see, it is an active participation in life of all your senses – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – with appreciation and pause regularly interspersed.

If it seems like the Universe isn't delivering what you've asked for, you might not be leaving enough room in your life to let it in. To create some room, take one day a week, if possible, and schedule nothing. Let that day be a blank canvas on which the Universe can paint its perfect synchrony. If you can't take a full day, take at least a few hours for yourself every week and see what magic unfolds! You can learn other magical ways to work with the Universe to co-create and draw your manifestations to you in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook.

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